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lunes, 29 de enero de 2018

Pierre ''Baro'' Ferret • Swing Valses - d'Hier et d'Aujourd'hui

In the days when I was recording the first 78 rpm records of the great jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt for the Swing label, I had the opportunity to listen to, and record, another guitarist of no less outstanding talent : Baro Ferret. He was revolutionizing the musette waltz. Unfortunately, his work went on almost unnoticed, causing him to give up his musical career not long afterwards. Some thirty years later once again I came across one of his records, cut in 1938 for a French label, which had not considered it worthy of release at the time. I was struck by the intricacy and freshness the music still conveyed. Sharing my lucky find with others inspired a new search for Baro Ferret. We discovered that not only was the old master still alive, but that he had remained the best interpreter of that specific style. That’s how this recording began -
End of quote from Charles Delaunay.

1 Swing Valse (Ferret, Viseur) 2:36
2 Baro Ba (Ferret) 2:28
3 Reine Musette (Malha, Peyronnin) 2:52
4 Chez Jacquet (Reinhardt) 2:15
5 La Valse à Peguri (Peguri) 2:28
6 Mintch Valse (Garcia, Ferret) 2:02
7 Ma Zaza (Ferret) 3:08
8 Règlement de compte (Ferret) 3:08
9 La Folle (Ferret) 1:58
10 L'Inattendue (Ferret) 2:15
11 Départ de Zorro (Ferret) 2:09
12 La Jungle (Ferret) 3:00

Baro Ferret - sl g
Jacques Montagne - rht g
Matelo Ferret - rht g
Geo Dali - vbs
Jean-Claude Pelletier - org
Gilbert Gassin - b
Roger Paraboschi - dr

Recorded in Paris 1965/66.

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