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martes, 30 de enero de 2018

Delbert Bump Jazz Organ Trio • Organ~Ization

Although somewhat obscure, Delbert Bump is a fine organist in the tradition of Jimmy Smith. Organ-Ization music is bluesy and swinging style is soulful and perfectly suited to this set of mostly basic originals. Organ-Ization songs Guitarist Steve Homan offers a contrasting solo voice and some solid rhythm playing while drummer Babtunde keeps the proceedings swinging with solid forward momentum. The music is a bit derivative and perhaps predictable, but it is enjoyable overall and easily recommended to fans of Jimmy Smith and the grooving jazz organists of the 1960s.

01. In The Zone (3:38)
02. Sunny Sun (4:53)
03. Sea Of Trains (6:19)
04. Quiet Intrusion (9:18)
05. Bud Powell (5:02)
06. Funkajun (5:42)
07. Autumn Leaves (9:15)
08. Organ~ization (4:14)
09. 'Round Midnight (6:17)
10. Tally Ho (3:42)
11. Kinda Cool (6:40)

Babatunde - drums
Delbert Bump Jazz Organ Trio - organ
Steve Homan - guitar

Time: 65:06
Released: 2005
Styles: Jazz: Hammond Organ
Label: Rhombus

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