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domingo, 7 de enero de 2018

The Bent Scepters • Blind Date With Destiny

Review by Barry Weber
The Bent Scepters made their debut in 1996 with Blind Date with Destiny, an album similar to the recordings of such bands as Weezer. While the record suffers from too many instrumentals and occasionally naïve lyrics, it is clear that the group didn't have any intentions other than having the listeners have as much fun as they were having while recording. These "party" songs, such as the irresistible "Take it Like a Man" and the rowdy tune "Gassed," all sound unique in their own way despite the fact that they are all quite short and are highlighted by similar guitar rhythms. It may not be a classic release of the '90s, but Blind Date with Destiny has enough catchy melodies to have fans of the genre looking forward to the Bent Scepter's next release.

You'll Be Sorry Now
No Way Down
Kissing Truman Capote's Picture
I Love You
Deep Inside My Soul
Super Chimp
Opern up Your Mind
Take the Fall
Gold Digger
Eagle Has Landau
Take It Like a Man
Journey to the Delstars
Chinese Burn
The Warning

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  1. This is one of the best CDs I ever found in a $1 bin. Highly recommended for fans of garage-y organ! - Stinky