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viernes, 5 de octubre de 2018

Niacin • Time Crunch

Niacin is a neo-fusion instrumental trio featuring bassist Billy Sheehan, drummer Dennis Chambers, and keyboardist John Novello. Founded in 1996, the band's name comes from the timbral foundation of the Hammond B3 organ; vitamin B3 is also known as niacin.
While the members pursue solo and sideman projects, they have continued to record and tour as a unit.

Discogs ...

01. Elbow Grease (5:19)
02. Time Crunch (3:15)
03. Stone Face (6:12)
04. Red (8:00)
05. Invisible King (4:28)
06. Daddy Long Leg (5:19)
07. Hog Funk (5:08)
08. Glow (3:07)
09. Damaged Goods (4:25)
10. Outside Inside Out (5:03)
11. Blue Wind (5:54)

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