egroj world: Wild Bill Davis & His Orchestra • Dance The Madison!

viernes, 19 de enero de 2018

Wild Bill Davis & His Orchestra • Dance The Madison!

The great Wild Bill Davis was, like Jimmy Smith, who cited him as a primary influence, both an innovator and a popularizer of jazz organ. One of the very first to play the organ as the instrument it is and not like a piano which most practitioners did before him, Davis was the first to establish the classic organ trio format with guitar and drums eventually adding a tenor sax later on occasionally. These classic 1960 recordings feature Bill Jennings (guitar), Grady Tate (drums) and George Clark (tenor sax, flute).

A1 Madison Time Part 1
A2 In A Mellow Tone
A3 Smooth Sailing
A4 Flying Home
A5 Organ Grinder's Swing
B1 Madison Time Part 2
B2 Blue Skies
B3 Soft Winds
B4 It's All Right With Me
B5 Intermission Riff

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