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lunes, 26 de febrero de 2018

Orgzeptor • Welcome

The three passionate musicians came closer to him in the band He & We and soon a friendship arose. Embossed by radio / jazz blues and latin, the three quickly recognized that they were speaking the same musical language. The joy, the fun and the love of the music brought the trio to the founding of the organ. The Hammond organ is the trademark of the band. With organ, guitar and drums, they present jazzy jazzy blues and groovy old-school funk. If the occasion demands it, Orgzeptor will also play with vocals or other guest musicians. The three blossoms on stage.

01. Dancing (5:52)
02. Everything (7:03)
03. Sunday Morning Shuffle (5:10)
04. Lights (6:13)
05. Summertime (6:38)
06. Welcome (6:08)
07. Stop Leading Me (4:11)
08. Voodoo Man (5:24)
09. Latina (4:55)

Roberto Nuzzi - Organ
Loris Nuzzi - Guitar
Walter Vitale - Drums

Magnus Johnasson: Bass
Pins Da Mutten: Saxophones

Label: Unit Records
Time: 51:37
Styles: Jazz Blues, Hammond Organ

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