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VA • That's Swift

Ace Records is well known as the home of the Fireballs, the timeless instrumental combo that legendary producer Norman Petty shepherded to the top of the charts in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Their success inspired a generation of instrumental combos, several of whom beat a path to Petty’s door. Of these, only the String-A-Longs made any chart headway, but given a predilection for cute melodies and “beautiful music” – not to mention his own record successes with the Norman Petty Trio – instrumentals would always have great appeal to the producer.

1. The King Pins - Door Banger aka Ninety Four Second Surf
2. The Chandelles - El Gato
3. The Impact V - Riptide
4. The Five Counts - Skuzzy
5. Wes Dakus' Rebels - Sour Biscuits
6. The Rhythm Masters - Exotique
7. The Canadian Nomads - Las Vegas Scene
8. The Chances - Black Grass
9. The Gliders - Wild Jam
10. Wes Dakus' Rebels - Manipulator
11. The Fireballs - Torquette
12. The Tiaras - Mexican Rock
13. The Techniques - Dream Theme
14. The Five Counts - That's Swift
15. The Keymen - Boy Blue
16. The Chandelles - Jester
17. The Bentleys - Portugal
18. Wes Dakus' Rebels - Side Winder
19. The King Pins - Rod Hot Rod
20. The Cords - Termites
21. The Chances - Camelback
22. The Rhythm Masters - Wild Kitten
23. Wes Dakus' Rebels - Bach's Back!
24. The Fayros - Skokiaan

Label: Ace Records     
Recorded: 1961-1967     
Genre: Instrumental, Pop, Rock, Surf
Date: 2007

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