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viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2018

Howard Roberts • The real Howard Roberts

Howard Roberts was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1929. He began playing guitar at age 8 and by age 15 was playing gigs in and around the Phoenix area. In 1950 (at age 20) Howard decided to move to Los Angeles, and through hard work and the invaluable assistance of fellow guitarist/arranger-composer Jack Marshall, Howard met and began playing with some of L.A.'s very best musicians, including Bobby Troup, Chico Hamilton and Barney Kessel. This led to a job with Bobby Troup and circa 1956 to a solo recording contract with Verve Records. At around that same time as he signed with Verve, Howard decided to concentrate on recording/studio work - work that he would do nearly non- stop until the early 1970's.


Discogs ...

Side 1.
1. Dolphin Dance
2. Dam That Dream
3. The Lady Wants to Know
4. Parking Lot Blues

Side 2.
5. Gone With the Wind
6. Serenata
7. Angel Eyes
8. All Blues

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