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domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2018

Spo-Dee-O-Dee • Boogie Woogie Barbershop

The SPO-DEE-O-DEE group was established by Tamás Szabó and Zoltán Nemes in 1997. Since our founding, we have been actively performing in local Hungarian clubs as well as abroad and at a variety of music festivals. We have met with a great deal of challenges over the past eight years. Our repertoire has been enriched with innumerable performances which involved among others, fashion shows, exhibitions and special background stage music for theatrical performances, as commissioned by different organizers. Our presence at the different festivals and in clubs here in Hungary and abroad have brought us popularity and a positive reception from the multiple audiences we have played for. Just to mention the different locations where we have been repeatedly invited back to . . . are countries like: Austria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Serbia and Slovenia.

Our group's musical profile represents a wealth of sounds from the "boogie-woogie" of the 1930s through today's modern "New Orleans". Our unique musical world is determined by two dominant instruments: the piano and the harmonica. Although these musical instruments are rarely used in the music of "Blues", they have proven to offer unending creative possibilities. Just as a few examples: Sonny Boy Williamson,Willie Mabon, Sugar Ray Norcia, Carlos Del Junco.

Discogs ...

1. Pinetop's Boogie-Woogie 3.14
2. Boogie-Woogie Barbershop 2.58
3. Doop Down Baby 4.26
4. Chiribrin Boogie 2.58
5. Here I Stand With My Heart In My Hand 5.30
6. Bossa Boogie 1.52
7. Sweet Georgia Brown 3.32
8. Eagles Rock 3.18
9. So Long 5.05
10. Wedding Night Dance 2.15
11. Bumble Bee 2.13
12. We're Moving 2.41

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