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jueves, 11 de octubre de 2018

Jimmy McGriff • Funkiest Little Band In The Land / Tribute To Basie - 2 CDs

Compilation of tracks recorded 1968-1974. CD issued 1993.

Personnel: Jimmy McGriff (organ); Connie Lester (saxophone); George Freeman (guitar); Eddie Gladden (drums); James Peacock (conga).

“This is a collection of McGriff with small bands during the years from 1968 to 1974, before he went to the large orchestra format. Produced by Sonny Lester, many of these appeared on the Groove Merchant label. Includes a lot of funky stuff with titles like"Super Funk," "Fat Cakes," "Groove Fly," and "Dig On it." There are 13 cuts and plenty of vintage McGriff.” AMG

1. Groove Fly
2. Shuckin' & Jivin'
3. Dig on It
4. Bug Out
5. Fat Cakes
6. Super Funk
7. Plain Brown Bag
8. Jumpin' the Blues
9. Tiki
10. Cotton Boy Blues
11. These Foolish Things
12. Worm Turns, The
13. Sermon, The
Total time 55:52

Recorded at A&R Studios, NYC in 1966. CD issued 1993.

Personnel: Manny Albam - Arranger, Composer, Conductor; Wayne Andre - Trombone; Eddie Bert - Trombone; Kenny Burrell - Guitar; Burt Collins - Trumpet; Richard Davis - Bass; Paul Faulise - Trombone; Frank Foster - Sax (Tenor); Barry Galbraith - Guitar; Dick Hixson - Trombone; Budd Johnson - Sax (Tenor); J. Alan Johnson - Trombone; Thad Jones - Trumpet; Mel Lewis - Drums; Irwin "Marky" Markowitz - Trumpet; Jimmy McGriff - Hammond B-3 Organ; Tom McIntosh - Trombone; Billy Mitchell - Sax (Tenor); Joe Newman Quartet - Trumpet; Jimmy Nottingham - Trumpet; Seldon Powell - Sax (Baritone); Jerome Richardson - Sax (Alto); Ernie Royal - Trumpet; Tony Studd - Trombone (Bass); Grady Tate - Drums; Frank Wess - Sax (Alto); Richard Gene Williams - Trumpet.

“Organist Jimmy McGriff's debut recording for the Solid State label (which has been reissued on a 1996 Laserlight CD) was also his first of many with a big band. McGriff pays tribute to the Count Basie Orchestra by performing ten songs from the Basie book (both of the 1940s and '50s) with a large group that includes many Basie veterans. The orchestra is mostly used as a prop, however, for McGriff is generally the main soloist on such tunes as Buster Harding's "Hob Nail Boogie," "Swingin' the Blues," "Cute," "Avenue C" and "L'il Darlin.'" Matching the leader's powerful organ with a big band was a logical idea and one that would be successfully repeated quite a few times in the future. This budget CD gives one a good sampling of Jimmy McGriff's playing.” AMG

1. Hob Nail Boogie
2. Cherry Point
3. Swingin' the Blues
4. Cute
5. Every Day
6. Blues Go Away
7. Avenue C
8. L'il Darlin'
9. Splanky
10. Slow But Sure
Total time 37:08

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Jimmy McGriff • Funkiest Little Band In The Land

Jimmy McGriff • Big Band Tribute To Basie

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