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jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2018

Dizzy Gillespie • Groovin' High

Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet)
Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt (alto saxophone)
Dexter Gordon (tenor saxophone)
Howard Johnson, Lucky Warren, Ray Abrams, John Brown, Saul Moore, Scoops Carey, Billy Frazier (saxophone)
Dave Burns, Raymond Orr, Talib Daawood, John Lynch, Matthew McKay, Elman Wright (trumpet)
Alton Moore, Leon Cormenge, Gordon Thomas, Taswell Baird (trombone)
Milt Jackson (vibraphone)
Frank Paparelli, Clyde Hart, Al Haig, John Lewis (piano)
Chuck Wayne, Remo Palmieri(guitar)
Murray Shipinsky, Slam Stewart, Curley Russell, Ray Brown (bass)
Shelly Manne, Cozy Cole, Sid Catlett, Kenny Clarke, Joe Harris (drums).

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01. Tin tin doo
02. Alone together
03. Manteca
04. Ooh-shoo-be-doo-bee
05. Groovin' high
06. Birks works
07. School days
08. I can't get started
09. They can't take that away from me
10. There is no greater love
11. Lady be good the mooche

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