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lunes, 17 de septiembre de 2018

Mose Allison • Local Color

Local Color is a revealing glimpse into Mose Allison's early days; the pianist/vocalist here runs through some bluesy ballads and a few mid-tempo swing numbers in a traditional trio setting. For the most part, Allison keeps it simple within a piano/bass/drums format, where he can execute a swinging solo such as on Duke Ellington's "Don't Ever Say Goodbye," or his own "Ain't You a Mess." Allison keeps it casual and swinging throughout. He employs his distinctly Southern vocal style on the gutbucket blues "Parchman Farm" and the New Orleans-flavored blues ballad "Lost Mind," and even pulls out his muted trumpet for "Trouble In Mind," a smoky ballad that would have made Miles Davis take note. For more recent fans of the Mississippi jazzman, these and the other songs featured on "Local Color" are plentiful reasons to explore the distant past of this musical legend.

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1. Carnival 3:02
2. Parchman Farm 3:21
3. Crepuscular Air 3:45
4. Mojo Woman 4:04
5. Town 3:23
6. Trouble In Mind 3:15
7. Lost Mind 3:32
8. I'll Never Be Free 5:38
9. Don't Ever Say Goodbye 3:14
10. Ain't You A Mess 2:42

Mose Allison (piano);
Addison Farmer (bass);
Nick Stabulas (drums).

Recorded in Hackensack, New Jersey on November 8, 1957.
Recording engineer: Rudy van Gelder

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