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lunes, 12 de marzo de 2018

The Black Market Trust • The Black Market Trust

The Black Market trust is an American Gypsy-Jazz group consisting of lead guitarist Jeff Radaich, rhythm guitarist Chris Irwin, and bassist Brian Netzley. Their sound is characterized by a hybrid of both new school pop and old world jazz. Combining a Brill-Building-sensibility to songwriting with flashy guitar and an incredible swinging rhythm section, the BMT makes jazz for people who hate jazz.

1. Super-Standard
2. Referential Integrity
3. The Descent
4. The First Waltz
5. Roll Credits
6. Jason Jason
7. Penny
8. Waiting on Rob
9. The J.B. Stomp
10. Raise a Glass
11. Good Morning

Jeff Radaich - lead guitar & piano
Chris Irwin - rhythm guitar & lead guitar on "Raise a Glass"
Brian Netzley - bass

Additional Musicians:
Rob Hardt - clarinet
Leah Zeger - violin
Gonzalo Bergara - bandoneon

released October 1, 2012

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