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miércoles, 14 de febrero de 2018

Gabor Szabo • Blowin' Some Old Smoke

Hungarian born jazz guitarist Gabor Szabo arrived in America in the late 1950s, having fled the anti-communist uprising in his homeland. By the early 1960s, he had begun to establish himself as one of jazz's rising stars, joining drummer Chico Hamilton's group in 1960. He left Hamilton in 1965 and briefly played in a group co-led with tenor saxophonist Charles Lloyd before going out on his own as a solo artist. Between 1965 and 1977, he recorded a string of solo albums for the Impulse, Blue Thumb, Skye, CTI and Mercury labels. Faces, recorded for Mercury in 1977, is very much a jazz-fusion album. Produced by trombonist and ex-Crusader Wayne Henderson, the rhythm section was drawn from the soul-jazz-funk band Pleasure with whom Henderson was working at the Fantasy label. The music is built on irresistible, earthy funk grooves that allow Szabo plenty of space to spin long, elegant guitar lines and meticulously constructed solos, both of which were his trademarks. Largely overlooked on its original release, Faces is now revealed as a minor classic within the jazz-fusion genre.

01 - Sunshine Superman
02 - Stormy
03 - Divided City
04 - Dear Prudence
06 - Bacchanal
07 - Walk Away Renee
08 - Some Velvet Morning
09 - Fire Dance

Recorded: 1968-1969. Issued: 1970.

a. Sunshine Superman (from BACCHANAL) - 3:45
b. Stormy (from GABOR SZABO 1969) - 3:12
c. (The) Divided City (from BACCHANAL) - 3:22
d. Dear Prudence (from GABOR SZABO 1969) - 2:37
e. Galatea's Guitar (from DREAMS) - 5:33
f. Bacchanal (from BACCHANAL) - 4:55
g. Walk Away Renee (from GABOR SZABO 1969) - 2:42
h. Some Velvet Morning (from BACCHANAL) - 5:10
i. Fire Dance (from DREAMS) - 5:39

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