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VA • War Of The Surf Guitars!

Review by Steve Leggett
War of the Surf Guitars gathers 32 tracks from two top contemporary surf labels, Golly Gee Records and Double Crown Records, and features 15 bands in a lively compilation of fiery instrumentals, many of them previously unreleased or vinyl-only cuts. The casual listener may find the whole thing a little boring after a few minutes, since the tone and pitch of things here is very much in homage to the early 1960s reverb-laden surf guitar sound, but true fans of the genre will be delighted. Highlights include the Merseybeat feel of "Side Slippin" by the Supertones, the crazy, garage vibe of "The Wayback Machine" by the Honkeys, the eerie "Malaguena" by the Boss Martians, and the thundering "Run Chicken Run/Rawhide 63" by the Footstompin Trio.

Track Listings:
  1. Sabre Jet (Ralph Rebel)
  2. Continental Theme (The Boss Martians)
  3. Side Slippin (The Supertones)
  4. Bad News (The Volcanos)
  5. Stella Vista (The Coffin Daggers)
  6. Black Boots & Bikes (The Krontjong Devils)
  7. Shangai Surf (The Supertones)
  8. Codename: Gypsy (The Penetrators)
  9. Caught in the Undertow (The Retroliners)
  10. Surf Hammer Live (Big Ray and The Futuras)
  11. The Sweet Ride (The Supertones)
  12. The Rafter (The Krontjong Devils)
  13. The Wayback Machine (The Honkeys)
  14. Pogo a Gogo (The Apemen)
  15. Sand Pumper Live (The Supertones)
  16. Malaguena (The Boss Martians)
  17. James Bond (Ralph Rebel)
  18. 50 Bucks A Midget (The Penetrators)
  19. Sol Si Do Si Mi Re La (Estrume'n'tal)
  20. Bullseye (Footstompin Trio)
  21. Avenue X (The Coffin Daggers)
  22. The World We Knew (The Krontjong Devils)
  23. The Wet Set (The Supertones)
  24. Horrorscope (Big Ray and The Futuras)
  25. Good / Evil (The Honkeys)
  26. Run Chicken Run/Rawhide '63 (Footstompin Trio)
  27. 1000 ft. rd. (The Supertones)
  28. Apollo (The Del-Vamps)
  29. Step Lively! (The Retroliners)
  30. It's So Easy (Johnny and The Shamen)
  31. Bolero (Estrume'n'tal)
  32. Sea & Shore (The Untamed Youth)

Release Date: May 1, 2002
Label: Golly Gee

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