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martes, 30 de abril de 2019

Grant Green • Nigeria (LP)

Sonny Clark, Art Blakey, Sam Jones, Grant Green.

A1 Airegin 7:32
A2 It Ain't Necessarily So 10:23
B1 I Concentrate On You 5:49
B2 The Things We Did Last Summer 5:54
B3 The Song Is You

Label: Blue Note ‎– LT-1032
Series: Blue Note Classic
Released: 1980
Genre: Jazz
Style: Hard Bop

Bass – Sam Jones
Drums – Art Blakey
Guitar – Grant Green
Piano – Sonny Clark

Engineer – Rudy Van Gelder
Recorded on January 13, 1962 at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

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  1. This one's got my very favorite Grant Green tune: 'It Ain't Necessarily So' Check out Art Blake's shouts of encouragement as Grant lays down break after break.

  2. I wonder...
    We are able to say what is the best jazz album in the world?
    (or more precisely post-bop).

    Michael Brecker - Tales From The Hudson (1996)
    1997 – 40th Annual GRAMMY Awards

    "Cabin Fever" Best Improvised Jazz Solo
    Best Jazz Instrumental Album (beast '97 ,what is best of the best?)

    1. That answer has everyone in their personal taste, even recognizing great albums that marked history and created new horizons, such as The Sidewinder by Lee Morgan, Kind of Blue by Miles, Take Five by The Dave Brubeck Quartet, always one of a kind , one style, one instrument over another. So to decide which one or which are the best jazz albums, I even find it discriminating towards other very good musicians and recordings.

    2. The music taste is something else, after all,
      there is something like artistic value of composition,
      arrangement and technique which are outstanding
      even for music not in our taste :)

    3. Ps. how many chances for uploading this?

    4. ... The music taste is something else, after all,
      there is something like artistic value of composition,
      arrangement and technique which are outstanding
      even for music not in our taste :) ...

      Surely you have not understood me, of course assuming that we are talking about quality musicians, personal taste always influences, and even in what stage of life, you discover a certain musician or style.
      Regards. ;)


    5. Ps. how many chances for uploading this?

      Sorry, I dont have this.

    6. Maybe Joe Henderson - Black Miracle ??

    7. Sorry, I dont have this ... again :(

    8. Michael Jackson - Dangerous (Australian Collectors Edition) 2CD ?

      :) of couse in 320kb ,I hope it will not be too difficult :D
      one of the few most important albubums of 90
      together with Camel - Rajaz
      and Roger Waters - Amused To Death (new version in slightly different)

    9. or/and
      Depeche Mode - Violator Ninety + One Japanese 2 CD album set

      CD 1 Violator

      1. World In My Eyes
      2. Sweetest Perfection
      3. Personnal Jesus
      4. Halo
      5. Waiting For The Night
      6. Enjoy The Silence
      7. Policy Of Truth
      8. Blue Dress
      9. Clean

      CD 2 Enjoy The Silence

      1. Enjoy The Silence (7" Version)
      2. Enjoy The Silence (Hands And Feet Mix)
      3. Enjoy The Silence (Ecstatic Dub)
      4. Sibeling
      5. Enjoy The Silence (Bass Line)
      6. Enjoy The Silence (Harmonium)
      7. Enjoy The Silence (Ricki Tik Tik Mix)
      8. Memphisto

      only 320kb of course :) I can't find it anywhere...

    10. Sorry, apparently they are not found on the web

    11. Joan As Police Woman - Real Life?


      you must comment to download

    13. I can't enter on this page :(

    14. must be blocked in your country

  3. Could you upload Jan Garbarek - Paths Prints
    and Bill Frisell - Rambler?

    1. You can download Joan As Police Woman - Real Life, at the link, it is in mp3/192 and without information... Please let me know when you have downloaded it.
      Jan Garbarek: I don't have that album.!BDgUkKhR!jnTAGe9wq0S82Ns_QdmfYM8FEbZq7zm2RpQIQ2ez0ug

    2. Bill Frisell - Rambler (1984)!YJpXHCCR!Ab7QnYntBJb7LpPnqZ9EKem3dilTubxP60HpzVrHa8E

      Jan Garbarek - Paths, Prints (1982)!FNpCDKzK!rscB8UlIsH37Lq10BjZDdqgc6cbRjE0rNZOSdBNSSoE

      still Im looking for 320kb

      Bill Frisell - Richter 858
      Bill Frisell - Is That You?
      Bill Frisell - History Mystery

    3. No problem,maybe you have Ray Charles - Modern Sounds In Country reedition
      with bonus tracks?

  4. How many jazz musician named Cooley/Colley (or something like that)
    released new albums in this year? :>

    1. Scott Colley / Drake Colley, in the field of jazz
      You also have Spade Cooley who is a country violinist, the latter I have seen in the credits, but I do not remember his music.

  5. Drake Colley...I Hear You Bro and It Seemed Like Such a Good Idea at the Time?
    and You of course don't have it in mp3 320kb,right? :D

    1. Skuli Sverrisson - Strata
      Greg Tardy - More Than Enough ??

    2. Apostolis Anthimos:
      Back To The North,Parallel Worlds,Miniatures - 320kb ??

  6. Now Im looking for something special :) ISCD 201 Goodies From The Cheese Shop 2 - Easy Swing
    because of Gerhard Narholz "Not For Sale".

  7. Que alucine... No pensaba encontrarme nada en este post y solo veo pedidos con condiciones y algún agradecimiento. Nada Ergoj, que pensaba completar mi discografía de Mr Grant Green, empezar por acá y darte mis "Mich"ísimas gracias y ♪♫ y cordiales salu2, Michel.

    1. En realidad soy ultra egocéntrico con mi blog, pues son contemplativo con pedidos y sugerencias siempre y cuando se encuadre con mis gustos y el espirítu del blog.

  8. aprovecho tal como el comentario anterior, te doy muchas gracias por compartir esta cantidad de musica y demas info y felicitarte por el blog tan completo, me di varias vueltas en el blog y esta muy interesante todo el contenido, saludoos! :D

    1. Muchas gracias por tu agradecimiento, seas bienvenido.