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jueves, 30 de agosto de 2018

Lepistö & Lehti • Helsinki

Lepistö&Lehti is a fresh Helsinki-based duo of talented and sought-after instrumentalists Pekka Lehti (double bass) and Markku Lepistö (accordion). The duo operates at the forefront of contemporary acoustic music with a distinct Nordic folk/jazz influence and a strong sense of musical dialogue. The Lepistö&Lehti sound is characterised by the players’ remarkable confidence and vision, which gives the music distinctively personal edge.

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1. Helsinki
2. Vainajalan Tango
3. Lansiranta
4. Sarastus
5. Caprice Diatonique
6. Eskolle
7. Concerto Diatonique
8. Muistelo

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  1. Muy bueno, me gustó mucho. ¿Existe algo más de estos señores? Gracias


    1. Lamento no haber visto este comentario en su momento, disculpas.

      veré si puedo conseguir algo más, saludos