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lunes, 27 de agosto de 2018

Andy Summers & Robert Fripp • I Advance Masked

Review by Greg Prato
Many a guitar fan would have predicted that a summit between legendary guitarists Andy Summers (the Police) and Robert Fripp (King Crimson) would result in a guitar solofest. But the music on their first collaboration together, I Advance Masked, stresses guitar textures and moods over indulgent soloing. Although the recording sessions weren't entirely enjoyable for Summers (who was experiencing marital problems at the time), some very beautiful music can be found on the resulting album. The music for the track "Girl on a Swing" does an excellent job of conveying the song's title in one's mind, and the duo's guitars weave wonderful polyrhythmic guitar lines throughout "China -- Yellow Leader." "The Truth of Skies" is an atmospheric piece, created by a wash of keyboard sounds and guitar dissonance, while "New Marimba" would have sounded right at home on an early-'80s King Crimson album. I Advance Masked has a dreamlike quality to it, and is definitely not typical rock music. It's highly recommended to fans of these two great and original guitarists.

Discogs ... 

1 I Advance Masked   
2 Under Bridges Of Silence   
3 China - Yellow Leader   
4 In The Cloud Forest   
5 New Marimba   
6 Girl On A Swing   
7 Hardy Country   
8 The Truth Of Skies   
9 Painting And Dance   
10 Still Point   
11 Lakeland / Aquarelle   
12 Seven On Seven   
13 Stultified   

Label: A&M Records
Released: 1982
Genre: Rock
Style: Instrumental, Prog Rock, Ambient

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