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The Jet Blacks • Twist

Artist Biography by Alvaro Neder
Formed in 1961, the Jet Black's was one of the first Brazilian instrumental rock groups. Like the other groups of the same period (the Jordans, the Fellows, and the Avalons, among others), the Jet Black's were influenced by the English group the Shadows, and by the American the Ventures. After backing up famous interpreters, they were allowed to record their own albums. The Jet Black's were Chantecler's first group in this line to have success, which made it possible for the recording company to compete with Copacabana, which had the Jordans. Their first single ("Apache"/"Kon-Tiki") scored a hit, and was followed by Hully-Gully (1962), Twist/The Jet Black's Again (1963), and Top Top Top, the latter heavily influenced by the Beatles. They also backed up singers like Galli Jr./ Prini Lorez (founder of the Rebels) on "What'd I Say" (Ray Charles), Ronnie Cord on "Rua Augusta" (1964), Deny & Dino and Roberto Carlos (1966), Sérgio Reis, Celly Campelo, and others, sharing with the Clevers the preference of the artists of São Paulo. In 1965, the group performed at the official opening of the Jovem Guarda TV show, with Roberto Carlos, Erasmo Carlos, Wanderléa, and others; it was the same year in which they recorded vocals for the first time, on The Jet Black's. In 1966, the Jet Black's had another hit with the double single Zorba, O Grego, which also had their biggest hit, the old youth anthem "Theme for Young Lovers" (recorded by the Shadows) and departed for tours in Paraguay and Japan. In 1967, the guitarist Gato left the group and the Jet Black's became exclusively a house band (for Continental), recording occasional albums with their hits until the '90s. Still active, the group re-recorded "Apache" for the box set 30 Anos da Jovem Guarda.

from Wikipedia:
The Jet Black's was an instrumental rock band from São Paulo, Brazil. The band was formed in 1961 (as "The Vampires") by Jurandi (drums), Orestes (rhythm guitar), Ernestico (saxophone), and José Paulo (bass), and Cat/Gato (guitar-solo and organ) joined the following year. Their first single was "Apache"/"Kon-Tiki", followed by "Hully-Gully" (1962), and "Twist/The Jet Black's Again" (1963).
Cat (Gato) left the group in 1967, and the other members became purely a house band for Continental Records.

Discogs ...

A1 Bulldog
A2 Tem Green Bottles
A3 The Phantomas
A4 Fire Ball Mail
A5 Raw Hide
A6 Lucille
B1 Hawaian War Chant
B2 Twisting Time
B3 What'd I Say
B4 Apache
B5 Smokey
B6 Wildwood

Sello: Chantecler ‎– CMG 2193
País: Brazil
Fecha: 1963
Género: Rock, Latin
Estilo: Rock & Roll

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