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Nicola Conte • Other Directions

Review by Thom Jurek
For those who became acquainted with Nicola Conte via his Bossa Per Due and Jet Sounds Revisited, Other Directions will come as a real surprise. Along with being a producer and DJ, Conte is a classically trained musician who is a multi-instrumentalist and a very accomplished arranger. His previous work in the acid jazz and electronic bossa movements could not have prepared listeners for this solid jazz and bossa nova set. Working with a tough, top-notch group of Italian jazz players -- the country's jazz scene has a built-in lyricism, whether in the vanguard realm or in the "tradition" that puts most American counterparts to shame in terms of swing -- Conte uses all but his DJ skills to create a musical tapestry that reflects the perfect meld of jazz and bossa that occurred in the early '60s while moving both musics forward with his sophisticated yet soulful and accessible arrangements. Till Bronner guests on "Sea and Sand," the disc's first cut, playing trumpet and singing in his plaintive, Chet Baker-derived style (he's a more proficient singer than his mentor). On "Wanin' Moon," Bembe Segue gets the vocal nod, but it's saxophonist Daniele Scannapieco and flugelhornist Fabrizio Bosso with their exotic yet bluesy solos that take the cake on the tune. The Afro-Brazilian rhythmics on "Nefertiti," (no relation to the Miles Davis tune) drive a wordless vocal and tight horn section that counters the intense polyrhythms as Bosso's trumpet takes the first break, wailing in the middle register with relatively few notes to capture the dark groove perfectly. Pierpaolo Bisogno's vibraphone keeps soloists and percussionists anchored in the groove. "A time for Spring" gently nods toward "Take Five," for its intro, before becoming a shimmering, pop-jazz nugget that combines bossa, cool, and post-bop. Truth be told, there isn't a dud in the bunch. The vibe is relaxed, the music open, even when complex -- check out "Dharma Bums" -- and the execution is precise and full of soulful, airy grooves. Bossa nova is the wheel on which everything turns here, and Conte knows how to shade and color his harmonics with texture and chromatic subtlety. This is a jazz record for folks who don't really like jazz, but jazz fans will be delighted by its many twists and turns, never forsaking vamps or lyricism for rhythm, while making rhythm a central tenet of each composition. This is a winner through and through. It's a shame it was only issued on Blue Note in Europe (the American label is largely clueless and is trying to score pop radio hits these days while issuing the same jazz records over and over). Other Directions is the perfect recording for American fans of fine jazz and bossa nova. It's hip, elegant, graceful, and smart.

01. Sea And Sand [03:59]
02. Wanin' Moon [04:56]
03. Nefertiti [06:19]
04. Impulso [04:32]
05. A Time For Spring [03:57]
06. Kind Of Sunshine [05:42]
07. Aphrodite's Dream [04:33]
08. Several Shades Of Dawn [03:37]
09. The Dharma Bums [04:51]
10. All Gone [04:09]
11. Other Directions [05:55]
12. The In Between [04:04]
13. Le Depart [04:05]

01. Charade [05:37]
02. Danubian [03:27]
03. Bohemian's Dilemma [04:56]
04. Nefertiti (Alternative Version) [06:23]
05. Waltz Of The Sirens [07:06]
06. Teardrop Painted Blue [04:18]
07. Quiet Stars [02:58]
08. Kind Of Sunshine (Extended Version) [06:07]
09. Wanin' Moon (Alternative Version) [04:37]

Nicola Conte Composer, Guitar, Primary Artist
Lisa Bassenge Vocals
Pierpaolo Bisogno Bongos, Vibraphone
Fabrizio Bosso Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Till Brönner Trumpet, Vocals
Pietro Ciancaglini Double Bass
Rosario Giuliani Sax (Alto)
Pietro Lussu Piano
Lucia Minetti Vocals
Gianluca Petrella Trombone
Daniele Scannapieco Sax (Tenor)
Bembe Segue Vocals
Nicola Stilo Flute
Lorenzo Tucci Drums
Cristina Zavalloni Vocals

Total Time: 01:45:37

248 MB / 320 Kbps

Les McCann • Soul Hits

Les McCann (piano)
Joe Pass (guitar)
Paul Chambers (bass)
Paul Humphrey (drums)

Oct. 29 & 30, 1963 at Pacific Jazz Studios, Hollywood, CA

Track List:
Side 1 -
Back At The Chicken Shack (Jimmy Smith) - 3:58
Sack O' Woe (Julian Adderley) - 3:06
Groove Yard (Carl Perkins) - 3:17
Sermonette (Nat Adderley) - 2:30
Sonnymoon For Two (Sonny Rollins) - 2:38
Side 2 -
Bags' Groove (Milt Jackson) - 3:00
Shiny (Silk) Stockings (Frank Foster) - 3:55
Sister Sadie (Horace Silver) - 4:02
Li'l Darlin' (Neil Hefti) - 3:38
Work Song (Nat Adderley) - 4:10
+ alt. takes & Unissued takes

146 MB / mp3-320Kbps

Leon Spencer • Where Im Coming From

Leon Spencer (1945 - March 11, 2012) was an American acid jazz / soul jazz organist born in Houston, Texas. He played piano with David Newman, and later organ with Melvin Sparks.
Spencer is best known for his albums for the Prestige Records label in the early 1970s, i.e. Sneak Preview (1970) Louisiana Slim (1971) and Where I'm Coming From (1973). Some of the musicians who appeared with him on these albums include Grover Washington, Jr., Idris Muhammad, Melvin Sparks and Buddy Caldwell.

A1 Superstition 6:45
A2 Give Me Your Love 5:23
A3 Keeper Of The Castle 5:20
B1 Trouble Man 6:45
B2 The Price A Po' Man's Got To Pay 5:25
B3 Where I'm Coming From 5:35

Leon Spencer - organ, vocals
Jon Faddis (tracks 1-4), Virgil Jones (track 6), Victor Paz (tracks 1-4) - trumpet
Hubert Laws - flute (tracks 6)
Seldon Powell - flute, tenor saxophone (tracks 1-4)
Frank Wess - flute, baritone saxophone, conductor (tracks 1-4)
Sonny Fortune - alto saxophone (track 6)
Dave Hubbard - tenor saxophone (tracks 6)
Joe Beck, Melvin Sparks (tracks 6) - guitar
Ernie Hayes - electric piano (tracks 1-4)
George Duvivier - bass (tracks 1-4)
Idris Muhammad (track 6), Grady Tate (tracks 1-5) - drums
Buddy Caldwell - congas (track 6)
Ed Bogas - arranger (tracks 1-4)

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Paul Desmond & The Moder Jazz Quartet • Live At Town Hall

by Richard S. Ginell
The MJQ made their annual Christmas gig at New York's Town Hall one year, and who should show up after intermission but Paul Desmond, who would hardly bring himself to play with anyone in those days, save a Creed Taylor record date or two. The cool classical modernists and the dry-martini altoist are not unexpectedly a close fit -- after all, Percy Heath and especially Connie Kay had been fixtures on Desmond's solo sessions -- and they do some relaxed swinging turns on some congenial standards, adaptations of P.D. tunes ("La Paloma," "Greensleeves", one current hit ("Jesus Christ Superstar" in a cute John Lewis arrangement), and the inevitable "Bags' Groove" (here entitled "Bags' New Groove". Again, Desmond softly intones perhaps his favorite standard in the repertoire (he recorded it countless times), "You Go to My Head," tumbling contrapuntally around Milt Jackson in the tune, while "East of the Sun" has a fine chase sequence between the two down the stretch. Though they had been friends since the 1950s, this was apparently the only time the MJQ and Desmond ever performed in public, making this one-off album (issued well after Desmond's death through Lewis's efforts) a thing to savor for fans of all five musicians.

1. Greensleeves (3:10)
2. You Go To My Head (7:56)
3. Blue Dove (4:55)
4. Jesus Christ Superstar (4:54)
5. Here's That Rainy Day (4:50)
6. East Of The Sun (8:25)
7. Bags' New Groove (5:10)
Paul Desmond (as), Milt Jackson (vb), John Lewis (p), Percy Heath (b), Connie Kay (d).
Label Red Baron / Orig December 25-1971 / Release Date Nov 09, 1993 / Recording Time 39 minutes

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Patrimonio Arquitectónico de Moscú del arquitecto Fyodor Schechtel

Fyodor Schechtel fue un arquitecto, artista gráfico y escenógrafo de Rusia, el maestro más influyente y prolífico de Art Nouveau en Rusia y de la arquitectura neorrusa.
Inició su carrera en el contexto de un lenguaje arquitectónico neogótico, que se transformó en una arquitectura neorrusa ejemplificada en los pabellones que proyectó para la Exposición Internacional de Glasgow de 1901, en los que, sin embargo, ya demuestra una predilección por los nuevos materiales, combinando la madera con el hierro y el vidrio. En la estación Yaroslavl (1902) las amplias fachadas de cerámica gris, coronadas por la esbelta cubierta, se enriquecen con un gran friso de cerámica policroma con estilizaciones vegetales geometrizadas.
De las viviendas que el arquitecto construyó para la nueva burguesía moscovita destaca la Casa Ryabushinsky (1900-1903), actual Museo Gorky, considerada el máximo exponente de la arquitectura modernista rusa. En el exterior destaca la claridad volumétrica, de formas cúbicas, matizada por motivos ornamentales derivados de la naturaleza del friso de mosaico poblado por los colores del iris. En el interior se conserva la decoración original, y destaca el espacio de la escalera con la magnífica barandilla de formas orgánicas. Paralelamente, en la Casa Derozhinskaya (1901-1902) los espacios se organizan de modo asimétrico y funcional en torno al vestíbulo central y las artes decorativas adoptan formas más geometrizantes.

Este libro en idioma ruso, pero con texto editable (copiar y pegar), ofrece sus obras en Moscú, donde esencialmnete desarrolló su profesión.

pdf / 34MB / 180págs.

Medieval Art: A Resource for Educators - Metropolitan Museum of Art

Medieval Art: A Resource for Educators

Michael Norris

This resource presents medieval art in the Museum's collection from Western Europe and Byzantium and provides strategies for teaching art of the Middle Ages. Among the contents are an overview of medieval times and art; a discussion of aspects of medieval life, including knighthood and monasticism; information on materials and techniques; lesson plans; a map; a glossary; and a bibliography.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's teacher-training programs and accompanying materials are made possible through a generous grant from Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Rose.

pdf / ingles / 194 págs.

René Thomas • Thomas-Jaspar Quintet

1 Oleo (Rollins) 5:01
2 Theme For Freddie (Thomas) 4:13
3 Half Nelson (Davis) 7:05
4 But Not For Me (Gershwin) 6:02
5 Hannie's Dream (Tommasi) 5:32
6 Bernie's Taste (Porter) 4:08
7 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Kern) 2:49
8 I Remember Sonny (Thomas) 8:32

René Thomas - g
Bobby Jaspar - ts & fl [except # 1 & 7]
Amadeo Tommasi - p [except # 7]
Maurizio Majorana - b [except # 7]
Franco Mondini - dr [except # 4 & 7]
Francesco Lo Bianco - dr [# 4]

Recorded in Rome, Italy ; October, 1961.
Release Date January 17, 2000
Duration 43:40 / 154 MB / mp3-320Kbps

Herbie Mann • Love and the Weather

1 Love And The Weather (Berlin) 3:46
2 But Beautiful (Burke, VanHeusen) 2:54
3 Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most (Wolf, Landesman) 3:28
4 I'm Glad There Is You (Madeira, Dorsey) 3:18
5 A Sinner Kissed An Angel (David, Joseph) 3:10
6 High On A Windy Hill (Whitney, Kramer) 3:32
7 Ill Wind (Koehler, Arlen) 3:45
8 For Heaven's Sake (Meyer, Bretton, Edwards) 3:17
9 Autumn Nocturne (Gannon, Myrow) 4:17
10 Moon Love (based from Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony) 2:39
11 The Morning Side Of The Mountain (Manning, Stock) 3:22
12 Like Someone In Love (Burke, VanHeusen) 2:57

[# 1-6]
Herbie Mann - fl
Joe Puma - g
Milt Hinton - b
Don Lamond - dr
Ralph Burns - dir.
Unidentified large orchestra, including strings
Recorded in New York City ; March, 1956
[# 7-12]
Herbie Mann - fl
Harry Lookofsky - concertmaster
Joe Puma - g
Whitey Mitchell - b
Herb Wasserman - dr
Frank Hunter - dir.
Unidentified large orchestra, including strings
Recorded in New York City ; March, 1956

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Andre Previn, Mundell Lowe & Ray Brown • Uptown

Andre Previn, Ray Brown and Mundell Lowe play the music of Duke Ellington and Harold Arlen. This was André Previn's second album after his long, symphonically enforced absence from jazz, and it sounds noticeably more fluid and relaxed than his first. No longer apprehensive about dusting off his old skills, Previn is delightfully confident and breezy (dig his sly turns on "Come Rain or Come Shine" and "C Jam Blues", taking some chances as he re-phrases and paraphrases a collection of revivified standards, mostly Harold Arlen and assorted Duke Ellington. Even if Previn, that noted wit, sometimes sounds as if he is kidding the pants off these old tunes, it's great to hear him having such a good time playing jazz again. Mundell Lowe is Previn's new guitar partner, and Ray Brown returns on bass; both are right at home in this refined brand of chamber jazz grooving. Adding to the CD's appeal are some marvelously (and typically) graceful liner notes by Mel Powell, an old pal of Previn's and a lively fellow defector from the jazz piano ranks to the classical world. ~ Richard S. Ginell Personnel: André Previn (piano); Mundell Lowe (guitar).


1. Between the Devil and the Deep Bue Sea (Harold Arlen)
2. A Sleepin' Bee (Harold Arlen)
3. Come Rain or Come Shine (Harold Arlen)
4. Stormy Weather (Harold Arlen)
5. Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen)
6. Let's Fall in Love (Harold Arlen)
7. Day Dream - Prelude to a Kiss (Duke Ellington / John LaTouche / Billy Strayhorn)
8. Good Queen Bess (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills / Irving Gordon)
9. Things Ain't What They Used To Be (Mercer Ellington / Ted Persons)
10. It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't (Duke Ellington / Irving Mills)
11. Five O'Clock Whitsle (josepu Myrow / Ken Gannon / Gene Erwin)
12. Come Sunday (Duke Ellington)
13. C Jam Blues (Duke Ellington)

Year Of Release: 1990
Nota: Corregir en el nombre del directorio "Mondell" por "Mundell"
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martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Elek Bacsik • Nuages

1 Blue Rondo A La Turk
Written-By – Dave Brubeck 6:15
2 Angel Eyes
Written-By – Matt Dennis 3:27
3 Godchild
Written-By – George Wallington 3:52
4 Take Five
Written-By – Paul Desmond 3:13
5 Willow Weep For Me
Written-By – Ann Ronell 4:23
6 Opus De Funk
Written-By – Horace Silver 2:54
7 My Old Flame
Written-By – Arthur Johnston, Sam Coslow 4:05
8 On Green Dolphin Street
Written-By – Bronislaw Kaper, Ned Washington 5:16
9 Nuages
Written-By – Django Reinhardt 3:05
10 Milestones
Written-By – Miles Davis 3:02
11 Desafinado
Written-By – Antonio Carlos Jobim, Newton Mendoça* 2:41
12 Recado
Written-By – Djalma Ferreira, Luiz Antonio* 2:24
13 Samba De Uma Nota So
Written-By – Antonio Carlos Jobim, Newton Mendoça* 2:29
14 Stardust
Written-By – Hoagy Carmichael, Mitchell Parish

Elek Bacsik – Guitarra
Pierre Michelot – Bajo
Michel Gaudry – Bajo (02,03,06,09)
Kenny Clarke – Batería
Daniel Humair – Bateria (02,03,06,09)

Released: 2002
Grabado en París en 1962
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Pop Art, pdf español

Pop Art - Honnef Klaus
100 págs.  /  31MB  /  español

Terry Gibbs • Findin' The Groove

Review by Richard S. Ginell
Recording prolifically in the first years of the 21st century, the octogenarian Terry Gibbs still delivers the fastest vibes in the West on this aptly named 2006 release Findin' the Groove. No tributes or concepts based on the past this time -- just straight-ahead, likeable, hard swinging workouts from a sextet that features the great flutist Hubert Laws on its front line. Gibbs and Laws had only played together once before -- when Laws sat in on piccolo unexpectedly on a Gibbs gig at Steamers in Fullerton, CA not long before this session. Yet they make a very graceful pair, their sound dancing with feather-light agility over the rhythm section, giving this ad hoc yet tight little band a special sound all its own. Laws isn't as visible on the recording scene these days as he once was -- and from hearing his sterling, swinging style and huge, golden tone on this date, you can't figure out why this should be so. Another big factor in this session's lightly shaded color scheme is Terry's drummer, son Gerry Gibbs, who propels the selections with the relentless yet never overbearing energy of his father. Terry wrote about half of the material, all of it appealing, including some journeys into samba "Samba Wazoo" and wistful bossa nova ("The House That Might Have Been, " with vocals by Joan Carroll). Amidst all of the up-tempo swingers, "Teach Me Tonight" is a relaxed breather in context, though these thoroughbreds seem reined in, just dying to gallop again. Alas, Jimmy Giuffre's irresistible "Four Brothers" doesn't really hit its stride until the solos kick in; the famous theme sounds uncharacteristically labored (yes, it's difficult). Mostly, though, a splendid session.

01 Bernie's Tune Bernard Miller 4:42
02 Wednesday at Two Terry Gibbs 5:28
03 Findin' the Groove Terry Gibbs 6:20
04 But Not for Me George Gershwin / Ira Gershwin 4:43
05 Teach Me Tonight Sammy Cahn / Gene DePaul 5:44
06 Killer Joe Benny Golson 6:29
07 Dance with the Brushes Terry Gibbs 5:27
08 Samba Wazoo Terry Gibbs 5:12
09 House That Might Have Been Terry Gibbs / Arthur Hamilton 6:06
10 Four Brothers Jimmy Giuffre 4:19
11 Take My Blues Away Terry Gibbs 4:58
12 Wee (Allen'S Alley) Denzil Best 5:49
13 One Minute and 45 Seconds to Station Break Terry Gibbs 1:45

Total time: 67:09
Label: Jazzed Media
Year: 2006

Personnel: Terry Gibbs (vibraphone); Joan Carroll (vocals); Dan Faehnle (guitar); Hubert Laws (flute); Tom Ranier (piano); Hamilton Price (bass instrument); Gerry Gibbs (drums).

128 MB / mp3-320Kbps

Bob Brookmeyer • Trombone Jazz Samba-Samba Para Dos

Review by Ken Dryden [-]
Bob Brookmeyer was in the studio just a few months after Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd helped to launch the bossa nova craze in the United States with their hit LP Jazz Samba, but this extremely enjoyable LP didn't come close to matching the success of the earlier album; it may be because the valve trombone is not envisioned as a lush melodic instrument by the average jazz listener in comparison to the tenor sax. Brookmeyer's mellow solos are complemented by the presence of guitarists Jim Hall (who plays all of the solos) and Jimmy Raney, along with vibraphonist Gary McFarland and a trio of Latin percussionists, including Willie Bobo. Luiz Bonfá's "Samba de Orfeu" and "Manha de Carnaval" as well as Antonio Carlos Jobim's "A Felicidade" (all three of which have become standards within the genre) are given imaginative arrangements, but there are a few twists thrown in by the leader. Brookmeyer's catchy "Blues Bossa Nova" works very well, as do his loping bossa nova treatment of Bronislaw Kaper's theme from Mutiny on the Bounty and a hilarious brisk chart called "Colonel Bogey Bossa Nova," a reworking of the well-known song made famous by the film The Bridge on the River Kwai. Long out of print, this album deserves to be reissued by Verve -- although there are hopefully some unissued tracks, as its brevity (under 28 minutes) is a handicap.

Review by Ken Dryden
This long unavailable record pairs valve trombonist Bob Brookmeyer with pianist Lalo Schifrin in a light but swinging Latin-flavored studio session. Although there is a formidable supporting cast, which includes Phil Woods, Al Cohn, Zoot Sims, and Jimmy Raney, the solos are primarily by the co-leaders and Leo Wright, heard on several flute solos. Following Schifrin's extended but lively "Samba Para Dos," the remainder of the date focuses on very familiar standards. Raney's solos are a highlight of "I Get a Kick Out of You" and "My Funny Valentine." The full reed section fleshes out a potent interpretation of "Just One of Those Things," which features an impressive and often humorous solo by Brookmeyer. Although this may not be considered an essential LP by the average jazz fan, it is well worth acquiring.

1 Samba de Orfeu (Bonfá) 4:05
2 Manha de Carnaval (Bonfá) 4:35
3 Blues Bossa Nova (Brookmeyer) 4:09
4 Qual E O Po (Kelly) 3:30
5 A Felicidade (Jobim) 3:12
6 Main Theme from "Mutiny on the Bounty" (Kaper) 2:02
7 Chara Tua Tristeza (Castro-Neves) 4:11
8 Colonel Bogey Bossa Nova (Alford) 2:15
9 Samba Para Dos (Schifrin) 10:00
10 What Kind of Fool Am I ? (Bricusse, Newley) 2:58
11 I Get a Kick Out of You (Porter) 4:37
12 Just One of Those Things (Porter) 3:25
13 Time After Time (Cahn, Styne) 3:28
14 It's All Right With Me (Porter) 2:30
15 My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rodgers) 2:00
16 But Not for Me (Gershwin, Gershwin) 3:05

[# 1-8]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Jim Hall & Jimmy Raney - g
Gary McFarland - vb
Willie Bobo - lat dr
Carmen Costa - cbs
Jose Paulo - tmbr
Recorded in New York City ; August 21 & 23 ; September 12, 1962
[# 9-16]
Bob Brookmeyer - tb
Lalo Schifrin - p & arr.
Leo Wright - as & fl
Phil Woods - as
Jerome Richardson - as
Zoot Sims & Al Cohn - ts
Romeo Penque - b cl
Danny Bank - bs
Frank Rehak - tb
Carmelita Koehler - cel
Jimmy Raney - g
Ben Tucker - b
Dave Bailey - dr
Jose Paulo - perc
Recorded in New York City - February 7, 1963

177 MB / mp3-320Kbps

lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

Bernard Purdie • Purdie Good

A1 Cold Sweat 5:30
A2 Montego Bay 5:40
A3 Purdie Good 6:20
B1 Wasteland 6:10
B2 Everybody's Talkin' 5:14
B3 You Turn Me On 6:20

Drums – Bernard Purdie
Bass [Fender] – Gordon Edwards
Congas – Norman Pride
Electric Piano – Harold Wheeler
Guitar – Billy Nichols, Ted Dunbar
Saxophone [Tenor] – Charlie Brown (9), Warren Daniels
Trumpet – Tippy Larkin

Recorded January 11, 1971
Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs
Supervised By, Liner Notes [April, 1971] – Bob Porter

83 MB / mp3-320Kbps

domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Sonny Stitt • Legends of Acid Jazz

by Scott Yanow
This CD reissues the complete contents of two former Lp's by saxophonist Sonny Stitt: Turn It On and Black Vibrations. These are rather unusual entries in Stitt's huge discography in that Sonny often sounds like a guest performer on his own sessions rather than the leader. During the earlier date, Stitt uses an electrical device (a Varitone) on his tenor that waters down his tone a bit. With organist Leon Spencer, guitarist Melvin Sparks and drummer Idris Muhammad setting down unrelenting grooves on most of the five numbers (including the 11-minute title cut), Stitt only seems to be making cameo appearances although trumpeter Virgil Jones gets in a few good solos on three of the numbers. The later date (which also has some good Jones trumpet) finds Stitt playing acoustically and switching to alto on two of the six jams, but once again it is the nonstop chugging of Sparks, Muhammad and either Leon Spencer or guest organist Don Patterson that fuels the fire. It is silly to call these soul jazz outings "acid jazz" since Sonny Stitt's solos are essentially bebop, but the grooves are danceable and funky.

1.Turn It On [11:08]
2.Bar-B-Que Man [7:50]
3.Miss Riverside [9:20]
4.Cry Me A River [3:50]
5.There Are Such Things [3:56]
6.Goin' To D.C. [7:20]
7.Aires [5:30]
8.Black Vibrations [6:38]
9.Calling Card [6:22]
10.Where Is Love? [2:20]
11.Them Funky Changes [7:50]
Total Time: 01:13:05
168 MB / mp3-320Kbps

Bustan Abraham • Hamsa

Taiseer Elias: oud, violín
Milstein: flauta de Amir
Avshalom Farjun: qanoun
Naor Carmi: contrabajo
Zohar Fresco: percusión
Miguel Herstein: Guitarra y banjo
Nassim Dakwar: violin

01 - Mabruk
02 - Shazeef
03 - Hamsin
04 - Hamsa
05 - In The House Of Maimonides
06 - Igrig
07 - Dub Dulab
08 – Nedunya

52 MB / 128 Kbps
Pass: egroj

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - Drawings and Prints

pdf / Idioma: inglés / 337 págs / 83MB