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lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

The Brand New Heavies • The Acid Jazz Years

01. Stay This Way - The Brand New Heavies, Wellman, Jim (4:16)
02. Dream Come True (4:55)
03. BNH (5:55)
04. Rest of Me (4:23)
05. Never Stop (4:45)
06. Ride in the Sky - The Brand New Heavies, Levy, Andrew (3:21)
07. Sphynx (6:14)
08. Reality (3:53)
09. Gimme One of Those (3:44)
10. People Get Ready (3:48)
11. Put the Funk Back In (3:24)
12. Country Funkin' (4:45)
13. Mother's Tongue (4:20)
14. Headhunters (5:29)
15. A Day at the Seaside (3:39)

Release: May 11, 2001
Label: Metro Music

domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

Claude Monet, pdf

Claude Monet / Nina Kalitina
2011 | Inglés | 200 pages | pdf | 58 MB

Stephane Grappelli • Whispering Gypsy

Track List
01 Pent Up House
02 Willow Weep for Me
3 Minor Swing
04 You’d Better Go Now
05 Django
06 How About You
07 Daphane
08 Et Maintenant
09 More Than You Know
10 All God’s Children Got Rhythm
11 Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?
12 Moonlight Walks
13 Them Their Eyes
14 I Can’t Give Anything But Love
15 My One and Only


Tom Kennedy • Just For The Record

Track List
01. Breakneck 2:15
02. Just For The Record 7:25
03. Pumpkinette 4:39
04. Joyful Noise 5:46
05. Quase 6:10
06. Since Then 4:57
07. Love's Disguise 5:52
08. Mountain Flight 5:14
09. Alone Together 5:36

Tom Kennedy - Fodera 5 string electric bass, acoustic bass
Dave Weckl - Yamaha drums, Sabian cymbals
Mike Stern - Yamaha guitars
Charles Blenzig - piano, keyboards
Sarina Suno - violin
Jay Oliver - piano, keyboards
Bob Albanese - piano
Nathan Childers - Yamaha alto & soprano saxes

Herbie Mann • Afro-Jazziac Bop


Review - by John Bush
Few jazz musicians did more to introduce American audiences to the Latin-jazz fusion than flutist Herbie Mann, whose pop crossovers -- a generous soul would describe them as "easy to digest" -- were heard by many more listeners than the work of artistic innovators like Machito or Antonio Carlos Jobim. Though he wasn't exactly a trailblazer, Mann recorded a lot of exemplary music, and two of his earliest and most vital dates are heard on Afro-Jazziac Bop, a 2003 compilation released by Fuel 2000. (The same items also appear on a 1999 Entertainers collection titled Brazilian Soft Shoe.) Comprising a pair of co-billed LPs recorded just before he formed his Afro-Jazz Sextet in 1959, the disc includes music originally heard on the 1959 Roulette LP Machito With Flute to Boot and the 1958 Mode LP Flute Fraternity (with Buddy Collette). For the first, Mann is featured in front of Machito's Orchestra, with the addition of Johnny Griffin on tenor and Curtis Fuller on trombone. His jaunty solos fit in well with Machito's stately swing, while the titles alternate boppish experiments ("To Birdland and Hurry") with evocative overseas postcards ("African Flute," "Calypso John"). The other session is a slim and limber West Coast date, featuring Mann and fellow reed player Collette playfully trading solos -- in fact, "Herbie's Buddy" has them interacting first on flute, then tenor, then clarinet. Taken together, the two sets heard on Afro-Jazziac Bop don't equal his Savoy work of the same time, but both of them equal or go beyond his more popular Atlantic records.

Track Listings
1. Brazilian Soft Shoe
2. Afro-Jazziac
3. Ring-A-Levio
4. Afternoon Death
5. To Birdland and Hurry
6. Calypso John
7. African Flute
8. Carabunta
9. The Davis Cup
10. Answer Me
11. Herbie's Buddy
12. Perdido
13. Baubles, Bangles and Beads
14. Give A Little Whistle
15. Here's Pete
16. Theme From "Theme From"
17. Nancy With The Laughing Face
18. Morning After
19. Bacao
20. Love Chant

May 20, 2003

Les Paul • Now!

Review by Richard S. Ginell
Les Paul was coaxed briefly out of his musical retirement in 1967 to put together an album for London's audiophile Phase Four label -- and who better than this audio pioneer? But rather than use the opportunity to redefine himself as a progressive force in a different decade, Les meekly responded with a series of remakes of his earlier Capitol hits -- this time without the help of now-ex-wife Mary Ford. The tracks he originally recorded with Mary are rearranged completely for multiple guitars; only the spectacular "Tennessee Waltz" gains in the translation. The solo tracks for Capitol are remade with all kinds of fascinating stereo effects, but, with the exception of "Caravan," otherwise follow the original blueprints with a few embellishing touches. The only two bits of new material are credited to a writer named Manners: "The System," which went nowhere as a single, is a rare example of Les playing rock & roll, and "Los Angeles" is just a rewrite of Les' hit "Meet Mr. Callaghan." While it was nice to find Les back in action at the time, this record sounds like warmed-over goods. This album was re-released under the title Multi-Trackin'.

Track Listings
1. Lover
2. Bye Bye Blues
3. The System
4. Whispering
5. I Really Don't Want to Know
6. Tennessee Waltz
7. How High the Moon
8. Little Rock Getaway
9. Sleep
10. Caravan
11. Los Angeles
12. Lady of Spain
13. Golden Earrings

release date 1968
duration 29:35

Ara Malikian • Sarasate

Ornamentación rusa / Russian Ornaments

Se trata de un pdf en idioma ruso pero con muchos gráficos que lo hacen interesante como para visualizar el estilo de la ornamentación rusa.

Formato djvu - 728 pág. / 50MB / incluye viewer

Mark Hummel • Harmonica Party Vintage Mark Hummel

Year Of Release: 1999
Chicago Blues, Harmonica Blues
Total Time: 60:19

01. Humblebug (5:01)
02. Woman Wanted (4:31)
03. You Got Me Wrong (3:19)
04. 7 Nights To Rock (3:35)
05. City Living (5:34)
06. Act Like You Like Me (3:21)
07. Hand Jive (4:48)
08. Harmonica Party (4:19)
09. Black Night (6:58)
10. I Got To Find My Baby (3:28)
11. Upside Your Head (2:57)
12. Backscratcher (4:02)
13. Hung Down Head (4:06)
14. Big Leg Mama (4:15)

This album showcases Mark Hummel's Chicago-influenced harp playing on some excellent original tunes, and he reinterprets some classics by Johnny Otis, Jimmy Rogers and Charles Brown. This set is classic Mark Hummel and features West Coast giants Ron Thompson and Rusty Zinn.

sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014

Nicola Conte • Other Directions

Review by Thom Jurek
For those who became acquainted with Nicola Conte via his Bossa Per Due and Jet Sounds Revisited, Other Directions will come as a real surprise. Along with being a producer and DJ, Conte is a classically trained musician who is a multi-instrumentalist and a very accomplished arranger. His previous work in the acid jazz and electronic bossa movements could not have prepared listeners for this solid jazz and bossa nova set. Working with a tough, top-notch group of Italian jazz players -- the country's jazz scene has a built-in lyricism, whether in the vanguard realm or in the "tradition" that puts most American counterparts to shame in terms of swing -- Conte uses all but his DJ skills to create a musical tapestry that reflects the perfect meld of jazz and bossa that occurred in the early '60s while moving both musics forward with his sophisticated yet soulful and accessible arrangements. Till Bronner guests on "Sea and Sand," the disc's first cut, playing trumpet and singing in his plaintive, Chet Baker-derived style (he's a more proficient singer than his mentor). On "Wanin' Moon," Bembe Segue gets the vocal nod, but it's saxophonist Daniele Scannapieco and flugelhornist Fabrizio Bosso with their exotic yet bluesy solos that take the cake on the tune. The Afro-Brazilian rhythmics on "Nefertiti," (no relation to the Miles Davis tune) drive a wordless vocal and tight horn section that counters the intense polyrhythms as Bosso's trumpet takes the first break, wailing in the middle register with relatively few notes to capture the dark groove perfectly. Pierpaolo Bisogno's vibraphone keeps soloists and percussionists anchored in the groove. "A time for Spring" gently nods toward "Take Five," for its intro, before becoming a shimmering, pop-jazz nugget that combines bossa, cool, and post-bop. Truth be told, there isn't a dud in the bunch. The vibe is relaxed, the music open, even when complex -- check out "Dharma Bums" -- and the execution is precise and full of soulful, airy grooves. Bossa nova is the wheel on which everything turns here, and Conte knows how to shade and color his harmonics with texture and chromatic subtlety. This is a jazz record for folks who don't really like jazz, but jazz fans will be delighted by its many twists and turns, never forsaking vamps or lyricism for rhythm, while making rhythm a central tenet of each composition. This is a winner through and through. It's a shame it was only issued on Blue Note in Europe (the American label is largely clueless and is trying to score pop radio hits these days while issuing the same jazz records over and over). Other Directions is the perfect recording for American fans of fine jazz and bossa nova. It's hip, elegant, graceful, and smart.

01. Sea And Sand [03:59]
02. Wanin' Moon [04:56]
03. Nefertiti [06:19]
04. Impulso [04:32]
05. A Time For Spring [03:57]
06. Kind Of Sunshine [05:42]
07. Aphrodite's Dream [04:33]
08. Several Shades Of Dawn [03:37]
09. The Dharma Bums [04:51]
10. All Gone [04:09]
11. Other Directions [05:55]
12. The In Between [04:04]
13. Le Depart [04:05]

01. Charade [05:37]
02. Danubian [03:27]
03. Bohemian's Dilemma [04:56]
04. Nefertiti (Alternative Version) [06:23]
05. Waltz Of The Sirens [07:06]
06. Teardrop Painted Blue [04:18]
07. Quiet Stars [02:58]
08. Kind Of Sunshine (Extended Version) [06:07]
09. Wanin' Moon (Alternative Version) [04:37]

Nicola Conte Composer, Guitar, Primary Artist
Lisa Bassenge Vocals
Pierpaolo Bisogno Bongos, Vibraphone
Fabrizio Bosso Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Till Brönner Trumpet, Vocals
Pietro Ciancaglini Double Bass
Rosario Giuliani Sax (Alto)
Pietro Lussu Piano
Lucia Minetti Vocals
Gianluca Petrella Trombone
Daniele Scannapieco Sax (Tenor)
Bembe Segue Vocals
Nicola Stilo Flute
Lorenzo Tucci Drums
Cristina Zavalloni Vocals

Year Of Release: 2010
Label: Schema
Total Time: 01:45:37

Formas artísticas de la naturaleza

Kunstformen der Natur, Ernst Haeckel
Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919), biólogo, zoólogo y médico de nacionalidad alemana, además de ser el creador de la palabra ecología, también es autor de este libro con 100 ilustraciones de la naturaleza, de aproximadamente 1.000 que generó en toda su vida.

Estas son algunas imágenes, todas estan en los siguientes enlaces:
Libro completo en formato jpg:, las imágenes son los archivos denominados "Tafel" seguido de su correspondiente número, estan en tres calidades desde 300 dpi para abajo.
También la otra opción es el libro completo (en alemán),

Jermaine Landsberger • Gettin' Blazed

German-born Hammond B-3 organist Jermaine Landsberger has assembled a strong ensemble for this recording of covers and original material, including pieces borrowed from some of his heroes or all-star bandmates. Pat Martino appears on three tracks with the rising star guitarist Andreas Öberg on the rest, drummer Harvey Mason gets back to his jazz groove roots, while Gary Meek plays saxes and flutes. The surprise participant is acoustic or electric bassist James Genus, added to the group where normally an organist plays all of the bottom-end rhythmic tones with his feet. The result is a deeply grooving, soulful, diverse, and substantive music that goes beyond what one might expect from this type of group, and it all sounds marvelous. A composition written by pianist Phil Markowitz, a title track from one of his own CDs as well as covered by Bill Evans and Toots Thielemans on their album Affinity, "Sno' Peas" is a sweet waltz played with pure authenticity, featuring the still able Martino, and Meek on tenor sax. Marcos Silva's "Brazilian People" is more modern jazz than samba or bossa nova, perfectly exhibiting the deepened low-octave sound provided when Genus and Landsberger play basslines together or in counterpoint, with Martino's playful guitar and Meek's flute soaring on top. Playing Martino's bopper "Three Base Hit," the band with Öberg sans the composer is quite comfortable speeding along and paying no mind to stop signs or commercialized affectations. Adopting a rock beat merging to bop, Mason is particularly effective driving the group during Django Reinhardt's tribute to his son, "Babik," not at all a Gypsy swing, while Horace Silver's famous "Filthy McNasty" is the perfect soul-swing vehicle meant to evoke good feelings and the essential element of fun. Where Stevie Wonder's "Another Star" is adapted into a road song à la Wes Montgomery, Richard Galliano's "Romance" is conversely the slowest of slow ballads, true to its title and composer's initial intent, with Martino beautifully leading the way. There's a cohesion in this group speaking to its members' collective experience in the studio, which clearly urges and inspires Landsberger to play very well, and above all, concisely. He's not a pyrotechnical maniac nor a purist soul sender, but is quite able to express a unique point of view throughout. His composition "Valse Manouche," with lead lines by Öberg, stands out in a 6/8 framework, not so much because it is an original but that it is played by the organist expertly and with great passion. Meek is also impressive on all of his horns, and keeps developing as a deft and lithe player who never overstates the obvious. If you are a fan of the B-3, this delightful, easily recommended effort will please you and, because of its wide-ranging repertoire, will bear repeat listenings sure to reveal more with every spin. ~ Michael G. Nastos Liner Note Author: Bill Milkowski. Recording information: Rising Stars Jazz Studio, Beverly Hills, CA (05/2008). Photographer: Pat Schneider. Arrangers: Jermaine Landsberger; Kuno Schmid. Personnel: Jermaine Landsberger (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Hammond b-3 organ); Pat Martino, Andreas Öberg (guitar); Gary Meek (flute, saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Kuno Schmid (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, synthesizer); James Genus (acoustic bass, electric bass, bass guitar); Harvey Mason, Sr. (drums). Audio Mixers: Pierre Paul; George Klabin.

1 Sno' Peas Start
2 Brazilian People Start
3 Ballada Para J Start
4 Three Base Hit Start
5 Valse manouche Start
6 Romance Start
7 Babik Start
8 Another Star Start
9 Night ballad Start
10 Flithy McNasty

viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

Gary Smulyan • Smul's Paradise

By DAN BILAWSKY, Published: January 22, 2012
While the tenor saxophone is no stranger to organ group gatherings, its big brother rarely comes to the party. It's hard to say whether a lack of interest amongst baritone saxophonists, insufficient opportunities for such combinations, or a paucity of players capable of pulling it off is responsible for this issue, but Gary Smulyan won't stand for it any longer.
Smulyan, best known for his work with the legendary Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, has never been one to shy away from an opportunity to explore new surroundings. While he initially put his alto away and took on the mantle of a baritone saxophonist for the opportunity to join Woody Herman's band in the late '70s, it proved to be a career-altering experience and he's been one of the busiest baritones in the business ever since. He has blended his instrumental voice into the fabric of big bands, piano-less trios and various other ensembles both big and small, but Smul's Paradise marks the first time that he fronts an organ group on record.
His capable comrades on this mission are some of his closest friends, who also happen to be the cream of the crop on the New York scene. While this marks the first time that Smulyan, guitarist Peter Bernstein, organist Mike LeDonne and drummer Kenny Washington have teamed up to form a quartet, shared experiences between some of these musicians on and off the bandstand make this a comfortable fit from the get-go. The entire album may have been recorded in one day, with no rehearsal time and minimal retakes, but the finished product never betrays these facts.
The eight tracks on the album hit on all of the stylistic touchstones to be expected in this setting. Balladry ("Aires" ), bop-ish saxophone lines ("Smul's Paradise" ), Brazilian-flavored fare ("Pistaccio" ), swaggering, hard bop-based music ("Up In Betty's Room" ) and more come into play, as Smulyan explores the possibilities that live within this format. He also toys with preexisting material, as he re-imagines Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" as a waltz and creates a hybrid of "Seven Steps To Heaven" and "My Shining Hour" on the album-ending "Heavenly Hours." Along the way, Smulyan also pays tribute to a pair of oft-overlooked organists. Don Patterson gets his due with performances of two of his songs ("Up In Betty's Room" and "Aires" ) and an original written in his honor ("Blues For D.P." ), while Rhoda Scott gets a nod with "Pistaccio."
Smul's Paradise features some first-rate music, while showing off another facet of Smulyan's musicianship and filling a musical void left open by many baritone saxophone bearers of the past and present. Smulyan and company succeed on all fronts here, making this a sequel-worthy session.

01. Sunny [08:59]
02. Up In Betty's Room [06:40]
03. Pistaccio [04:40]
04. Smul's Paradise [08:25]
05. Little Miss Halfsteps [04:50]
06. Aires [08:14]
07. Blues for DP [06:35]
08. Heavenly Hours [04:01]

Gary Smulyan (baritone saxophone)
Peter Bernstein (guitar)
Mike LeDonne (Hammond b-3 organ)
Kenny Washington (drums)

Record Label: Capri Records
release date January 17, 2012
duration 52:36

Swamp Train • Premium Selection

Artist: Swamp Train
Title Of Album: Premium Selection
Release: 2012
Label: Swamp Train
Total Time: 44:40 Min

1. Swamp Train Blues
2. Little Red Rooster
3. Put Your Head Down
4. Sittin'On Top Of The World
5. Don't Start Me To Talkin'
6. I'm A King Bee
7. Back To My Lady
8. Hooray, Hooray
9. The Oak Song
10. Spoonful
11. Rollin' & Tumblin'
12. Boob Boom Out Go The Lights
13. Poor Boyç

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Cal Tjader • Tjader

A1 I Showed Them
A2 Wear Your Love Like Heaven
A3 First There Is A Mountain
A4 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
B1 Fresh Air
B2 You Keep Me Hangin' On
B3 She's Leaving Home
B4 Evil Ways
B5 Mambero

Bass – Jim McCabe
Congas – Michael Smithe
Drums – Dick Berk
Flute – Robert Ferreira
Percussion – Coke Escovedo, John Rae, Pete Escovedo
Piano, Electric Piano – Al Zulaica
Trombone – Gordon Massick
Trumpet – Bill Atwood, Bill Powers, John Coppola
Vibraphone, Organ – Cal Tjader

Producer – Ed Bogas
Engineer – Russ Gary

Freddie Roach • Brown Sugar

1. Brown Sugar
2. The Right Time
3. Have You Ever Had the Blues
4. The Midnight Sun Will Never Set
5. Next Time You See Me
6. All Night Long

Freddie Roach - Organ
Eddie Wright - Guitar
Joe Henderson - Tenor Sax
Clarence Johnston - Drums


Auguste Rodin - Rainer, Maria Rilke

Auguste Rodin - Rainer, Maria Rilke | Inglés | 200 pag | pdf | 32 MB