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martes, 8 de mayo de 2018

Don 'Sugarcane' Harris • Keep On Driving

This studio session marked the beginning of blues violinist Don "Sugarcane" Harris' association with the German record label Saba (later renamed MPS). Harris, who was nearly flat broke at the time, had to borrow one of the violins used on the date, along with a pickup for the amplified selections. Joined by electric guitarist Volker Kriegel, pianist John Taylor, and drummer Tony Oxley (all of whom are better known for their jazz credentials), the session ends up being a fusion of blues, jazz, and a bit of rock, while all of the songs are Harris' originals. The opener, "Keep On Driving," is the kind of insistent blues typically associated with Harris, though it is a bit low key, possibly due to the use of acoustic violin. The free improvisation within "Blues on the Moon" is atypical for the genre, but not Harris, who is again on the acoustic instrument. The leader's slashing attack on electric violin in the humorously titled "Which Way Is the Bathroom?" is easily the highlight of the date, recalling his best collaborations with rocker Frank Zappa, as well as the violinist's rare live recordings. He is at his most soulful in "Desiree." The brisk "Almost Broke" showcases a hot solo by Kriegel, while the funky "Coitus Interruptus" finds Harris' violin taking on an almost vocal quality, followed by Kriegel's blistering solo. The disc ends with an extended workout of "Remember the Past," a sort of blues strut that detours into wild improvisations by the quartet. This was a fine beginning for Sugarcane Harris' debut with the label, though health problems essentially ended his recording career within just a few short years. ~by Ken Dryden

01. Keep On Driving (4:07)
02. Blues On The Moon (6:50)
03. Which Way Is The Bathroom (4:03)
04. Desiree (8:45)
05. Almost Broke (5:56)
06. Coitus Interruptus (4:55)
07. Remember The Past (9:57)

    Bass Guitar, Violin – Don "Sugarcane" Harris
    Drums, Percussion [Amplified] – Tony Oxley
    Electric Piano – John Taylor
    Guitar – Volker Kriegel

Label: Edel Germany GmbH
Time: 44:37
Released: 1970
Styles: Jazz/Rock

Notes: Recorded at MPS-Ton-Studio, Villingen/Germany, Nov, 17 and 18, 1970

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