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martes, 28 de noviembre de 2017

Bill Doggett • Gon' Doggett

With his instrumental hit "Honky Tonk" in February 1956, Bill Doggett (born William Ballard Doggett) created one of rock's greatest instrumental tracks. Although it generated scores of offers to perform in rock & roll clubs throughout the United States, Doggett remained tied to the jazz and organ-based R&B that he had performed since the 1930s. Continuing to record for the Cincinnati-based King label until 1960, he went on to record for Warner Brothers, Columbia, ABC-Paramount and Sue. His last session came as a member and producer of an all-star jazz/R&B group, Bluesiana Hurricane in 1995.

1. Honky Tonk Pt.1 2:58
2. Honky Tonk Pt.2 2:31
3. Big Boy 3:03
4. Slidin' 2:04
5. Buttered Popcorn 2:40
6. Backwoods 6:39
7. Slow Walk 2:28
8. Quaker City 2:38
9. Night Train 3:18
10. Ram-Bunk-Shush 2:25
11. Peacock Alley 2:32
12. Hold It 2:26
13. Rainbow Riot 4:31

Label: Hallmark

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