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lunes, 19 de febrero de 2018

Euge Organ Trio • ...Rides Again!

The Euge Organ Trio is a groove oriented, soul-jazz group hailing out of Portland, Oregon. Consisting of organist Dave Fleschner (Curtis Salgado / The Blues Cabaret), drummer Tom “Euge” Goicoechea (Professor Gall / The Quadraphones) and guitarist Teddy Presberg (pigWar / DoveDriver), the three are sure to keep audiences both moving to the groove and eagerly anticipating whatever might come next out of their free-spirited improvisational approach.
Rooted in thetradition of classic organ trios such as Jimmy Smith and JackMcDuff, the group is also influenced by contemporary groupslike Medeski, Martin and Wood, The City Champs, and Soulive. One can also hear the hip-hop influences of J-Dilla and genre pushing stylings of Robert Glasper in their compositions as well. Playing mostly original music, and influenced by soul-jazz both classic and new, The Euge Organ trio will keep you positively on the edge of your seat in excitement while paradoxically dancing to their immersive sound!
On “...Rides Again!,” their debut album, the three combined each of their own individual song writing talents to form a cohesive and unique style of original compositions. Featuring nearly equal contributions from the members, the songs give a nod to their influences while simultaneously forging a new sonic footprint in the organ trio realm. Give The Euge Organ Trio and “...Rides Again” a listen and you won’t be disappointed!

01. Done It (5:51)
02. Wood Machine (4:55)
03. Funk It (4:33)
04. Soul Pistol (5:04)
05. Good God (You're More Than Enough) (5:02)
06. The Butcher (6:28)
07. Planet Rock (4:06)
08. Flash Flood (4:33)
09. High Enough (For You) (8:00)
10. Corbett Avenue (5:09)
11. Nunu Shufshuf (4:38)

Time: 58:23
Released: 2017
Styles: Jazz: Soul Jazz, Funky Jazz
Label: The Euge Organ Trio

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