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miércoles, 20 de septiembre de 2017

Ultra-Lounge Vol. 10 • A Bachelor In Paris

From Amazon:
Yes, this is one of the best Ultra-lounge CDs, and not just because it tries to transport you into the super-chic world of France, as viewed from the eyes of soon-to-be-too-hip-to-care Americans. Unlike many of the CDs in this set, Bachelor in Paris lands beaucoup points for actual sentiment here, even with the sometimes annoying fake French dame who pops up every now and then. The renditions of the most famous stuff ("La Vie en Rose", "April in Paris", "Milord") are pretty unique, and you can still never say that Sam Butera didn't put every ounce of his soul into his horn. My faves are the lesser known, like "French Rat Race" (Manhatten Transfer eat your hearts out!) and "Under Paris Skies/La La Collette" which may be the single corniest (yet wonderful) performance in the ultra lounge series. Overall, tout à fait beau, and so lovely on a temperate spring afternoon.

1. Sam Butera & the Witnesses - I Love Paris
2. Jonah Jones Quartet - Song from Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart?)
3. Les Baxter - Milord
4. Joe "Fingers" Carr - Under Paris Skies/La la Collette
5. Elmer Bernstein - Valentina
6. Cy Coleman - Parisian Women
7. Les Baxter - Mon Amour, O Mon Amour/La Panse (The Pansy)
8. Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra - C'est Magnifique
9. Dickey Doo & the Dont's - Vive l' Amour
10. Mighty Accordion Band - April in Paris
11. Les Baxter & Billy May - Poor People of Paris (Jean's Song)
12. The Double Six of Paris - French Rat Race
13. Henri Rene - Petite Fleur
14. Les Baxter - Clown on the Eiffel Tower
15. Sam Butera & the Witnesses - Vie En Rose
16. Jack Cooper & Terry Snyder - C'Est Si Bon
17. Jack Costanzo - I Love Paris
18. Jerry Shard - Can, Can, Can

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