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domingo, 15 de octubre de 2017

Ultra-Lounge Vol. 11 • Organs In Orbit

From Amazon:
I own every volume in the "Ultra-Lounge" compilation series, so I offer my opinion as nothing short of a very enthusiastic fan. Of the two dozen issues in this series, this remains a personal favorite. This album is clearly not the ideal introduction to lounge music, but you'll be surprised that (despite its laughable title) this is also extremely fun. This actually holds up incredibly well, partly because the album's overall pace is moderate to fast. There are very few ballads to slow things down. I still love this album after so many listens because the Hammond organ can sound soothing and spooky at the same time. If you're not partial to lounge music or the sounds of the organ, a lot of this is going to seem like baseball park music. Still, it's a lot of fun.

One wise thing the folks at Capitol Records did when compiling tracks for this album was leaving out any hardcore swing music. Hearing a Hammond organ over a hyperactive big band doesn't work. Although moving fast & funky, none of these tracks are loaded with heavy instrumentation, so there's nothing too loud coming through your speakers when you cue this up. On "Comin' Home Babay," you find yourself cruising through a 60s spy movie, while the relaxing "Enchanted Farm" makes use of birdcalls and sci-fi sound effects. Martin Denny has the best song on this issue with "Song of the Bayou" where bongos create a gentle stomp in the background while a dueling piano and flute alternate off a wah-wah sounding organ - it sounds like a downright eerie journey into swamp lounge.

Other reviewers are correct in illustrating that the songs on this compilation are very rare. While you can order a Billy May album anywhere online, the recordings of master organists John Buzon, Jackie Davis and Denny McClain are not available outside of this album. You'll be surprised by how this album exceeds your expectations, despite its cheesy title. I wouldn't recommend this album for lounge beginners (buy volumes 4 & 8 instead), but I'm sure lounge fans or anyone who loves the organ will definitely find plenty to smile when hearing this.

01. The Ernie Freeman Combo - Rockhouse
02. The John Buzon Trio - Ill Wind
03. Denny McLain - The Girl From Ipanima,Meditation
04. Jackie Davis - Love Is Just Around The Corner
05. Sir Julian - Movin' At Midnight
06. Walter Wanderley - Voce E Eu
07. The Joe Bucci Trio - Li'l Darlin'
08. Billy May & His Orchestra - Patricia
09. The Don Baker Trio - The Third Man Theme
10. Sir Julian - A Man And A Woman
11. The John Buzon Trio - Mr. Ghost Goes To Town
12. Denny McLain - Laura/More
13. Jackie Davis - Perfidia
14. Milt Buckner - The Late, Late Show
15. The Ernie Freeman Combo - Fever/Comin' Home Baby
16. Shay Torrent - Flying Fiddles
17. Martin Denny - Song Of The Bayou
18. The Forbidden Five - Enchanted Farm
19. Unknown Artist - Voice Track

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