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lunes, 16 de julio de 2018

Bo Diddley ‎• in the Spotlight

Review by Bruce Eder
As with Bo Diddley's first five albums (except Have Guitar, Will Travel), the most important cuts (but not all the good ones) off of this album have been included on The Chess Box from MCA, which doesn't mean that this record isn't a good separate issue, just somewhat redundant if you have the box. There are surprises from these 1960-vintage recordings, including the languid, Caribbean-sounding "Limber"; the soft, romantic "Love Me"; the doo wop-style "Deed and Deed I Do"; the loping "Walkin' and Talkin'"; upbeat, gospel-tinged rockers such as "Let Me In" interspersed with the hot and raunchy "Road Runner," "The Story of Bo Diddley," "Craw-Dad" (a genuine diamond in the rough), and "Signifying Blues"; and solid instrumentals like "Scuttle Bug" (really "Live My Life" with the vocals removed and Otis Spann overdubbed on piano) that make this record more than worthwhile.


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Revisión por Bruce Eder
Al igual que con los primeros cinco álbumes de Bo Diddley (excepto Have Guitar, Will Travel), los cortes más importantes (pero no todos los buenos) de este álbum han sido incluidos en The Chess Box de MCA, lo que no significa que este disco no es un buen tema aparte, solo algo redundante si tienes el cuadro. Hay sorpresas de estas grabaciones de 1960, incluyendo el lánguido "Limber" de sonido caribeño; el suave y romántico "Love Me"; el estilo doo wop "Deed and Deed I Do"; el grito "Walkin 'y Talkin'"; optimistas, rockeros teñidos de gospel como "Let Me In" intercalados con el caliente y obsceno "Road Runner", "The Story of Bo Diddley", "Craw-Dad" (un diamante genuino en bruto) y "Signifying Blues" "; y instrumentales sólidos como "Scuttle Bug" (realmente "Live My Life" con las voces eliminadas y Otis Spann sobregrabado en el piano) que hacen que este disco valga la pena.

A1 - Road Runner - 2:45
A2 - Story Of Bo Diddley - 2:42
A3 - Scuttle Bug - 2:20
A4 - Signifying Blues - 2:31
A5 - Let Me In - 1:52
A6 - Limber - 2:26
B1 - Love Me - 2:20
B2 - Craw-Dad - 2:25
B3 - Walkin' And Talkin' - 2:38
B4 - Travellin' West - 1:44
B5 - Deed And Deed I Do - 2:15
B6 - Live My Life - 2:35

Release Date: 1960
Duration: 28:53
Genre: Pop/Rock, R&B, Blues
Styles: Early R&B, Rock & Roll, Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues
Recording Date: 1959 - April, 1960
Recording Location: Chicago, IL

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