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martes, 30 de enero de 2018

The Stingrays • Don't Fear The Reverb

Review by Tom Schulte
A surfing romp through the Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper" leads off this instrumental surf guitar album, and it's also the title track. Straight out of southern California, this enthusiastic teenage trio offers up the sounds that made famous the Venture's influential surf album. Their heavy surf sound is definitely in the Dick Dale tradition and influenced by the proto-rock experimentation of Link Wray.

1 Don't Fear The Reverb 3:08
2 Los Mosquitos 2:46
3 Sunnyside Up 3:02
4 La Chancha 2:56
5 Hawaiian Pullout 3:21
6 Bodybag 3:50
7 Weiners And Beans 2:39
8 Pipeline 2:02
9 Larry's Got A Longboard 3:01
10 Impact Zone 4:30
11 Sabrina 2:24
12 Gone Surfing 3:39
13 Nitro 2:51

Bass – Scott Nelson
Drums – Clay Campbell
Engineer – Brian Webster, Mark Reid
Guitar – William Heard

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