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lunes, 25 de septiembre de 2017

Ultra-Lounge Vol. 8 • Cocktail Capers

From Amazon:
Everyone has their favorites in the Ultra-Lounge series; this is one of mine. Unlike most of the volumes, this one doesn't stick to any one type of lounge music (Bossa Nova, Exotica, TV Themes, etc.). Instead, it is kind of an overview of ALL the styles this great series covers. So, if you'd rather start with a series entry and not the famous 'Fuzzy Sampler', this might be a good place to begin.

Highlights of Vol. 8 include: The eerie exotica of 'Jungalero' by Les Baxter, the fantastic movie theme 'Charade' (very James Bond), great spy music cuts 'Underwater Chase' and 'I Want To Be A James Bond Girl' (A song you want to sing along to, even though it hasn't any words!), a killer rendition of 'The Pink Panther Theme', and the two sultry & steamy vocal numbers 'Hey Bellboy' and 'Teach Me Tiger'. Saving the best for last, my absolute favorite 2 cuts on the disc are 'Honorable Hong Kong Rock' (what WOULD Austin Powers listen to if he were in Hong Kong?), and Nelson Riddle's astounding 'Lolita Ya-Ya' (from the film 'Lolita'). 'Ya-Ya' sounds like some demented fantasy of a bubble-gum pop song, as imagined by someone who HATES bubble-gum pop songs! Mindlessly cheerful and endlessly's truly unique.

01. Les Baxter - Roller Coaster
02. Gloria Wood - Hey! Bellboy!
03. Dave Pell - This Could Be the Start of Something
04. Hollywood Studio Orchestra - The Pink Panther Theme
05. David Rose - Like Young
06. Al Caiola - Underwater Chase
07. Terry Snyder; Earl Palmer - Binga Banga Bongo; Percolator
08. New Classic Singers - Call Me
09. Ernie Freeman Combo - Mountain Greenery
10. Si Zentner - Charade
11. Les Baxter - Shooting Star; Jungalero
12. Out-Islanders - Honorable Hong Kong Rock
13. Leroy Holmes - Odd Job Man; I Wanna Be a James Bond Girl
14. Muzzy Marcellino & His House Party Group - Heap Big Chief
15. Jonah Jones Quartet - Blue Danube Rock
16. Cy Coleman - Pussy Cat
17. April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger
18. Nelson Riddle - Lolita Ya Ya

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