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martes, 12 de septiembre de 2017

Ultra-Lounge Vol. 6 • Rhapsodesia

From Amazon:
Standouts include The Mallet Men's hypnotic "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Julie London's steamy "Go Slow," Jackie Gleason's misty, longing "Tenderly" (check out his wonderful set, 'The Romantic Moods of Jackie Gleason') and great George Shearing's sweeping, dramatic "If I Should Lose You."

Milt Buckner (who did "The Beast," one of the best tracks on Vol.4) turns in another winner with the sexy, silky, seductive "Turquoise," although much of the praise is due to the saxophonist. I totally agree with one of the below reviews about Les Baxter's "Lunar Rhapsody." It sounds like a spacey fluff piece at the beginnins, but when that theremin flows in, you're taken away... "Girl Talk" is probably the most memorable song here, if only for the reason that the tune will worm its way into your brain and never leave. The liner notes call it "a pink powder puff of cushioned insinuation." You can't describe it any better than that. It recalls memories of Santo and Johnny's era-defining "Sleepwalk." Perhaps the compiler thought this too, because a version of that song isn't long after. The gently swinging introduction lets you know something special is ahead, and it is. This is a great cover, although I must confess I've never heard a bad one. (The Brian Setzer Orchestra does an incredible Grammy-winning version on their 'Dirty Boogie' CD.) And you know it wouldn't be complete without a cover of "Fever." (The original by Peggy Lee is on Volume 5.) With its pounding opening, its naughty muted trumpet, and chiming, climbing vibes, this is easily the jazziest entry on this volume, with its snazzy, slightly audacious feel.

Al Anthony's enchanting "Ebb Tide" puts you under a spell. When you hear this one, it's best to just sit back, close your eyes, and let the music wash over you like ocean waves. This, lounge lizards, is mood music at its greatest.

A great late-night soundtrack (along with Volume 4), this is one everyone should hear.

01. Howard Roberts - Girl Talk
02. Jonah Jones Quartet - Serenata
03. Henri Rene & His Orchestra - Sleep Walk
04. The Mallet Men - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
05. Julie London - Go Slow
06. Al Anthony - Ebb Tide
07. George Shearing - If I Should Lose You
08. The Whistling Artistry Of Muzzy Marcellino - Willow Weep For Me
09. The Don Baker Trio - Dansero
10. Les Baxter - Lunar Rhapsody
11. Dolores Gray - You're My Thrill
12. Richard Marino & His Orchestra - Fever
13. John Buzon Trio - Blues in My Heart
14. Jackie Gleason - Tenderly
15. Terry Snyder - Theme From Picnic
16. Milt Buckner - Turquoise
17. April Stevens - Do It Again
18. Les Baxter & His Orchestra - Ruby

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