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miércoles, 30 de agosto de 2017

Ultra-Lounge Vol. 3 • Space Capades

From Amazon:
This is it. The essence of the space age refined into one convenient package. All of the ultra-lounge titles are so campy they're cool, but for my money, nothing else so perfectly captures the mood of late '50s-early '60s America as the Space Capades CD. Transport yourself back to a time when bigger was better, the Atom was our friend and the superiority of The American Way was unquestioned. 'Though it may be campy now, there is actually an amazing amount of musical talent on this CD, as well as the other Ultra-Lounge titles. When we think '50s and '60s music today, most of us think Rock 'N' Roll. In those days, though, Rock was just a fad-- disposable kid music. All the SERIOUS contemporary artists were doing the sort of thing you hear on this CD. Its ironic, then, that most of these artists and their music have been passed over by posterity, while the early rockers have become legendary. Whatever your musical taste, if you are open to something different, and especially if you have a soft spot for martinis, pearls, and the '59 Imperial, you will like this CD.

01. David Rose & His Orchestra - Gay Spirits
02. Richard Marino & His Orchestra - Lover
03. Les Baxter & His Orchestra - Moon Moods
04. Bobby Hammack - Powerhouse
05. Dickie Harrell - Drivin' Around the Block
06. Les Baxter - Calcutta
07. The Voices of Walter Schumann - Holiday for the Strings
08. Dean Elliott & His Big Band - You're the Top
09. Joe Fingers Carr & 80 Drums Around the World - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
10. Tak Shindo - Stumbling
11. Les Baxter & His Orchestra - Sabre Dance
12. Billy May - This Room Is My Castle of Quiet
13. Felix Slatkin - I Get a Kick Out of You
14. Jack Malmsten - Satan Takes a Holiday
15. Terry Snyder - Puttin' on the Ritz
16. Alvino Rey & His Orchestra - Blues in the Night
17. Les Baxter & His Orchestra - Saturday Night on Saturn
18. Dean Elliott & His Big Band - Lonesome Road

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