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domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2018

Mississippi Heat • Delta Bound

by Mike O’Cull
Mississippi Heat is one of the most talented, creative, and hard-working blues bands playing today. For 20 years, the band, led by harpist Pierre Lacocque, has spread its “traditional with a twist” blues sound around the world with ten album releases and countless nights playing live on stage. Delta Bound is the band’s fourth release on Delmark and it is both a celebration of 20 years in the game and a display of new material and continuing energy, enough to imagine MH easily going for another 20. The album features the current band helped out by some outstanding special guests and returning band members from years past; this is a 14-song example of the best that the blues has to offer.

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1. Granny Mae 
2. Look-a-Here, Baby 
3. New Orleans Man 
4. My Mother’s Plea 
5. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood 
6. Padlock Blues 
7. What’s Happening to Me? 
8. The Blues Matrix 
9. Goin’ to St. Louis 
10. Trouble in His Trail 
11. Mr. Mistreater 
12. Lemon Twist 
13. Sweet Ol’ Blues 
14. Easy to Please 

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