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domingo, 20 de mayo de 2018

Four Piece Suit • Ready to Where

Review by Jason Anderson
More than retro, the instrumental Four Piece Suit debut Ready to Where? is a stylistic trip that solicits cinematic and cultural images both nostalgic and modern. Released in 1996, this 15-song collection boasts original and cover material that transitions from jazz to surf to swing to Latin, and more. The group's arrangement and performance of Henry Mancini's "Something for Cat" made it onto the Grammy ballot twice, and the group received more than a little college-radio exposure for their efforts on Ready to Where? Along with "Something for Cat," the Mancini track "A Shot in the Dark," along with Crazy Horse's "Hey Hey My My (Out of the Blue)," count as cinematic highlights. Original standouts include "Mondo Bondo" (written by guitarist Milt Reder) and "Strip Search" (by saxophonist David Sholl). More diverse than nostalgic, more innovation than imitation, Ready to Where? is about as good as instrumental pop/rock gets.

1 Shot in the dark
2 Mondo Bondo
3 Jam Up
4 Theme From Exodus
5 Something For Cat
6 Kolme kitaraa
7 Strip Search
8 Walter and Conny
9 In Pain in Paris
10 Cumbanchero, El
11 Hey Hey My My (Out of the Blue)
12 Rambunctious
13 Lonesome Lover
14 Human Jungle
15 Dark Eyes

Personnel Lorne Entress - drums, percussion
Brother Cleve - organ
David Sholl - saxophone
Ducky Carlisle - vocals
Milt Reder - vocals, guitar
Sean Carberry - spoken vocals
Seth Pappas - drums

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