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martes, 29 de agosto de 2017

Ultra-Lounge Vol. 16 • Mondo Hollywood

From Amazon:
One of the weirdest and most fun entries in the series. 'Seance On A Wet Afternoon' & 'Experiment In Terror' sound like what the Addams family might play at their twist parties; spooky yet very danceable! Other highlights include: a swingin', Tijuana Brass-style version of 'Moon River', funny teen exploitation movie music like 'Hot Rod Rumble' & 'Beat Girl', the smooth as silk Billy May take on 'Girl Talk', the proto-muzak 'Man And A Woman', and one of my personal favorites... Ferrante & Teicher's 'Barbarella'! The strange 'whooshing' voices at the end of the track really take you to outer space!

So, if you like the campier and stranger enries in the series, you'll love this one!

01. Al Caiola - Experiment In Terror
02. Billy May & Leroy Holmes - A Man And A Woman / Live For Life
03. Ferrante & Teicher - Barbarella
04. Martin Denny - Cool
05. Sandy Courage - Hot Rod Rumble
06. Plas Johnson - Pink Panther / It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Sta Sera)
07. John Barry - Beat Girl
08. Leroy Holmes - You Gotta Taste All The Fruit
09. Ray Anthony & George Shearing - The Shadow Of Your Smile / Days Of Wine And Roses
10. Tito Rodriguez - Theme From The Apartment
11. Denny McLain - Watch What Happens
12. Leroy Holmes - I, A Lover / De Sade
13. John Barry - Seance On A Wet Afternoon
14. Billy May - Girl Talk
15. Henry Jerome - Moon River
16. Sir Julian & Elliott Fisher - You Only Live Twice / Thunderball
17. Leron Holmes - The Good, The Band And The Ugly
18. Nelson Riddle - Your Zowie Face
19. Gene Pitney - Town Without Pity (Bonus Track)

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