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martes, 31 de julio de 2018

Victor Feldman • Soviet Jazz Themes

Soviet Jazz Themes (full title: The Victor Feldman All Stars Play the 'World's First Album of Soviet Jazz Themes) is an album by vibraphonist and pianist Victor Feldman featuring tunes by three composers he discovered while on Benny Goodman's 1962 tour of Russia which he recorded on returning to the U.S. and released on the Äva label.

Track listing:
    "Ritual" (Andre Towmosian) – 5:01
    "Blue Church Blues" (Gennadi Golstain) – 7:07
    "Madrigal" (Golstain) – 6:21
    "Vic" (Givi Gachechiladze) – 4:50
    "Polyushko Polye" (Golstain) – 3:52
    "Gennadi" (Golstain) – 5:15

Recorded at United Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA on October 26, 1962 (tracks 1–3) and November 12, 1962 (tracks 4–6)

    Victor Feldman – vibraphone, piano
    Nat Adderley – cornet (tracks 1–3)
    Carmell Jones – trumpet (tracks 4–6)
    Harold Land – tenor saxophone
    Joe Zawinul – piano (tracks 1–3)
    Herb Ellis – guitar (tracks 4–6)
    Bob Whitlock – bass
    Frank Butler – drums

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  1. Wow, thanks. I wasn't aware of this album. Fantastic!

  2. I've not been happy with your uploads for a while.You need to make more regular posts and with more interesting material.Come on don't let your blog visitors down

    1. Yes, possibly, people change, those of us who are open-minded, we discover in the course of life new things to enjoy.