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martes, 24 de abril de 2018

Don Byas • Featuring Mary Lou Williams Trio & Beryl Booker Trio

Track list:  
1. O, W. (Williams)   
2. Mary's Waltz (Williams)   
3. Just You, Just Me (Kanges)   
4. Lullaby Of The Leaves (Young)   
5. Moonglow (Hudson)   
6. Why (Chappelle)   
7. Chicka Boom Blues (Traditionnel)  
8. New Musical Express (Williams)   
9. Paris Medley : April In Paris, Paris In The Spring, The Last Time I Saw Paris...  
10. Cheek To Cheek (Berlin)  
11. Makin Whoopee (Kahn)   
12. I Should Care (Cahn) 
13. Beryl Booker's Byased Blues (Booker)   
14. Sincerely (X)   
15. Burt's Pad (Renaud)  
16. I Can Get Started (Gershwin)  
17. Just One Of Those Things (Porter) 

Total time - 68:09

Don Byas(ts) with
(1-8) - Mary Lou Williams(p), Alvin "Buddy" Banks(b), Gerard Pochonet(dr) (Don except on 3,7)
'53/12/2 Paris
(9-13) - Beryl Booker(p,vo), Bonnie Wetzel(b), Elaine Leighton(dr) (Don except on 9,10)
'54/2 Paris
(14,16,17) - Maurice Vander(p), Sadi(vib), Pierre Michelot(b), Benny Bennett(dr)
'55/5/10 Paris
(15) - same as 14 Roger Paraboschi(dr) replace B.Bennett
'55/5/12 Paris

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