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miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2018

Crazy Casey • The Beast and I

Dutch band led by Cees "Crazy Casey" Schrama who used to be guest organ player with bands such as The Haigs, Shocking Blue, Sandy Coast and Earth & Fire. With The Golden Earrings he released his solo album "The Beast And I". Schrama can also be heard on The Earrings' "In My House" single! Here he is doin' ONE OF THE BEST (if not THEE BEST!) instrumental versions of the old jazz- and mod standard "Comin' Home Baby".

 01 – Major-Minor
 02 – Crazy Casey
 03 – Snaggle Puss
 04 – Ready Freddy
 05 – The Beast and I
 06 – Murphy
 07 – Don’t Rock That Boat
 08 – Sir Henry the Dancer
 09 – Comin’ Home Baby
 10 – It Ain’t Necessarely So

Genre: Hammond Organ, Rock-N-Roll, Instrumental
Country: Netherlands
Year: 1967
Playtime: 00:32:52

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