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sábado, 9 de junio de 2018

Dave Phillips • Understatements

Artist Biography by Eugene Chadbourne
British rockabilly renaissance man Dave Phillips emerged in the '80s as a member of the fine Bluecats band, eventually becoming a bandleader in his own right with Dave Phillips & the Hot Rod Gang. In a genre founded on the predictable, Phillips often presents a surprising attitude. He entitled one of his albumsUnderstatements, a concept basically foreign to rockabilly, including a Lennon-McCartney cover to further throw listeners off.
Basically, however, Phillips belongs to the same '80s era of rockabilly revival that resulted in bands such as Buzz & the Flyers, another group whose music Phillips has interpreted in his own way. When not on the bandstand he spends much time drawing pictures of and for other people who are: Phillips has concocted a series of album covers for rockabilly and alt-country performers such as Lisa Marr, Alvis Wayne, and Dragstrip 77.

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