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lunes, 2 de abril de 2018

Yusef Lateef • The Diverse

Yusef Lateef became a controversial figure within the jazz world during the 1960s, as he moved heavily into African and Asian music and away from hard bop, mainstream and soul-jazz. These two albums tried to forge a middle ground; The Diverse had four compositions (three by Lateef) with Lateef primarily on flute playing soothing, often compelling melodies and doing some improvising, while integrating into some songs such non-Western elements as bamboo and Chinese flutes and various percussion devices and sounds. Suite 16 also mixed approaches; on "Down In Atlanta" and his cover of "When A Man Loves A Woman," Lateef displayed the thick, robust tenor sax sound from his past. Both of these releases were erratic and often unsatisfying, but contained just enough quality material to keep you hoping from tune to tune. — Ron Wynn

A1 Live Humble     6:43
A2 A Long Time Ago     6:37
B1 Eboness     5:05
B2 Chandra     9:36

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  1. Very nice. Thank you. By any chance might you have or know where to find Yusef's "A flat, G flat, and C" album? Thanks. DL

    1. I do not have that recording, and it does not seem to be available on the network.
      Maybe someone will share it, regards

  2. Just remembered I asked you this question. Thank you for responding. If I ever figure out a way to convert my vinyl copy I will try to share it. DL