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miércoles, 31 de enero de 2018

Junior Wells • You're Tuff Enough

Another period of the veteran Chicago harp man's career that awaits CD documentation -- and one of the most exciting. Wells's late-'60s output for Bright Star and Mercury's Blue Rock subsidiary frequently found him mining funky James Brown grooves (with a bluesy base, of course) to great effect -- "Up in Heah" and his national smash "You're Tuff Enough" are marvelous examples of his refusal to bend to purists' wishes (though there's a glorious version of Bobby Bland's blues-soaked "You're the One" that benefits handily from Sammy Lawhorn's delicate guitar work). ~Review by Bill Dahl

01. You're Tuff Enough (2:23)
02. It's All Soul (2:29)
03. Gonna Cramp Your Style (2:10)
04. Where Did I Go Wrong (3:09)
05. That'll Hold Me (2:20)
06. Sweet Darling Think It Over (2:25)
07. Up In Heah (2:04)
08. You're The One (3:24)
09. You Ought To Quit That (2:11)
10. Messing With The Kid (2:14)
11. The Hippies Are Trying (4:12)
12. Junior's Groove (2:17)
13. Girl You Lit My Fire (2:02)
14. It's A Man Down There (2:11)
15. I'm Your Gravy Train (2:25)
16. Leave My Woman Alone (2:56)
17. I Can't Stand No Signifying (2:51)
18. I Just Wanna Groove (2:46)
19. You Better Watch Yourself (2:12)
20. What Is That You Got (2:13)
21. Another Mule Kicking In Your Stall (3:31)
22. Party Power (2:11)

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