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martes, 23 de enero de 2018

Jan Hammer • The Seventh Day

The First Seven Days is an album recorded by jazz musician Jan Hammer in 1975. It features extensive use of synthesizers, including the synthesized "guitar" parts (as on his follow-up album, Oh Yeah?), with the record jacket stating, "For those concerned: there is no guitar on this album." it is considered one of the pioneering works of acid jazz. Other instruments used are grand piano, electric violin and percussion.
It is a musical telling of the Genesis creation story. The record jacket continues with "Assuming that each of these "days" lasted anywhere from one day to a hundred million years, the scientific and biblical views do meet in certain points. These points were the inspiration for this album, and, besides, the provided me with an excuse to write seven new pieces of music."

Tracks Listing:
1. Darkness/Earth In Search Of A Sun (4:31)
2. Light/Sun (6:44)
3. Oceans And Continents (6:16)
4. Fourth Day - Plants And Trees (2:46)
5. The Animals (6:14)
6. Sixth Day - The People (7:15)
7. The Seventh Day (6:11)

Total Time 40:08

- Jan Hammer / piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Moog Synthesizer, Oberheim synthesizer and digital sequencer, drums, percussion, Freeman string synthesizer, Mellotron
- David Earle Johnson / congas and percussion on 5, 6
- Steve Kindler / violin on 2, 5, 6, 7

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