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miércoles, 3 de enero de 2018

Herbie Mann • African Suite

A confusing title, but a wonderful little record! The album's as much a Herbie Mann Latin session as it is a record by Johnny Rae – which is probably why the album's titled as such – and the group on the set features Rae on vibes, Herbie on flute, Jack Six on bass, Philly Joe Jones on drums, Bobby Corwin on piano, and Jose Mangual, Patato Valdes, and Victor Pantoja on an assortment of Latin and African percussion. The groove is tremendous – Latinized jazz, but with a real tension between the heavy percussion on the bottom and the ligher flute and vibes on the top – especially on the album's more tribal, African-styled numbers. The suite features 7 tracks in all – 5 composed by Herbie (Sorimao, Beouin, Sudan, Ekunda, Guinean), plus a version of Sonny Rollins' St Thomas, and the track Jungle Fantasy by Noro Morales.

Track listing:
1 - St. Thomas (Sonny Rollins) - 8:05
2 - Sorimao - 5:15
3 - Jungle Fantasy (Esy Morales) - 7:45
4 - Bedouin - 4:40
5 - Sudan - 3:50
6 - Ekunda - 3:10
7 - Guinean - 4:20

    Herbie Mann - flute, bass clarinet
    Johnny Rae - vibraphone
    Bob Corwin - piano
    Jack Six - bass
    Philly Joe Jones - drums (tracks 1-3)
    Carlos Patato Valdes, Victor Pantoja - congas
    José Mangual - bongos

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