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miércoles, 27 de septiembre de 2017

Jimmy Smith • Sum Serious Blues

Review by Scott Yanow
Organist Jimmy Smith performs a spirited set of blues-based material (only "You've Changed" is a change of pace) with a dozen of his Los Angeles-based friends including trumpeter Oscar Brashear, the underrated tenor Herman Riley (who is best among the supporting cast), guitarist Philip Upchurch and singers Marlena Shaw and Bernard Ighner who have two vocals apiece. Nothing that surprising occurs other than Smith's surprisingly effective vocal on "Hurry Change, If You're Comin'," but the swinging music, which was arranged by Johnny Pate, should please Jimmy Smith's fans.

1 Sum Serious Blues
2 Round The Corner
3 Hurry Change, If You're Comin'
4 The Sermon
5 You've Changed
6 Moof's Blues
7 Open For Business
8 (I'd Rather) Muddy Water

Oscar Brashear - trumpet
Phil Upchurch - guitar
George Bohanon - trombone
Jimmy Smith - vocals, organ
Maurice Spears - bass trombone
Herman Riley - tenor saxophone
Michael Baker - drums
Michael Baker - drums
Johnny Pate - conductor
Ernie Fields Jr. - baritone saxophone
Benard Ighner - vocals
Mike Baker - drums
Philip Upchurch - guitar
Andy Simpkins - bass
Mick Martin - harmonica
Also: Buddy Collette, Marlena Shaw

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