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jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2018

Swing De Gitanes • The Middle East Gypsy Jazz Project

After eight years of leading the Gypsy Jazz scene in Israel, hundreds of performances, appearances at Israel's prestigious music festivals, concerts abroad, collaborations with local artists (Miki Gavrielov, Dori Ben Zeev and others) and with important international Gypsy Swing and jazz luminaries, Swing de Gitanes is now proud to present its third album in which it bursts through the boundaries of musical style and frees its original creations to the light of day. Swing de Gitanes weaves a unique musical experience nurtured by the colorful passion of Gypsy music, the elegance of French melodies, and the infectious bounce of American swing into original compositions influenced by virtuoso guitar artistry of Django Reinhardt and the musical melting pot in which the members of the group grew up on: Arabic music, Russian folksongs that made Aliya and were adopted into Israeli folklore, Ladino songs and Greek music, as well as the music of Israeli composers such as Mordechai Zaira and Emanuel Zamir. With refreshing virtuosity, Swing de Gitanes revitalizes and renews the Gypsy Swing experience in its heyday - as envisaged by legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt. ...
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01. Hora la senior
02. Mosquito night
03. Jericho
04. Agradable
05. Clair de Lune
06. Train hijaz   
07. Wall sheep
08. Autumn sidewalks
09. Honeymoon
10. Dialogue with myself
11. Bach concerto in D minor
12. Bish Gada
13. Vendredi 13
14. Afterglow
15. When day is done

Yaakov Hoter - guitar
Oren Sagi - contrabass
Alon Sagi – guitar


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