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Willis Jackson • Gator Tails

An exciting tenor saxophonist whose honking and squeals (although influenced by Illinois Jacquet) were quite distinctive, Willis Jackson was also a strong improviser who sounded perfectly at home with organ groups. He played locally in Florida early on, until joining Cootie Williams (on and off during 1948-1955). His two-sided honking feature "Gator Tail" with "Cootie" (which earned Williams a lifelong nickname) was a hit in 1948, and he started recording as a leader in 1950. Jackson was married to singer Ruth Brown for eight years, and often appeared on her recordings during this era. His extensive series of Prestige recordings (1959-1964) made him a big attraction on the organ circuit. Although generally overlooked by critics, Willis Jackson continued working steadily in the 1970s and '80s. In 1977, he recorded one of the finest albums of his career for Muse, Bar Wars. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

01. Swimmin' Home Baby
02. Frankie and Johnny
03. Crocodile
04. On Broadway
05. Skillet
06. Someone To Watch Over Me
07. Early One Morning
08. Lonesome Road
09. I Almost Lost My Mind

V/V6 8589  Willis Jackson - 'Gator Tails
Willis Jackson (ts) Robert Banks or Claus Ogerman (arr, cond) unidentified orchestra
NYC, March 18, 1964
64VK304    Swimmin' Home Baby
64VK306?    Early One Morning
same personnel
NYC, June 23, 1964
64VK420    On Broadway
64VK421    Someone To Watch Over Me
64VK422    Frankie And Johnny
64VK423    I Almost Lost My Mind
64VK424    The Skillet
64VK425    Crocodile
64VK426    Lonesome Road
** also issued on Verve V6 8782 entitled "Willis Jackson".

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