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martes, 9 de octubre de 2018

Peter & the Wolves • Howlin and Prowlin

Calgary rockabilly star Howlin' Pete and his Wolves will rock you back in time and you'll want to shake it like it's 1955! From hard hitting original rock and roll to classics you may have forgotten you loved, you're gonna shake it all night long. Currently the band consists of Peter, Pedro Lowe and Dillon Pates. The albums found here feature Theo Waite, Miss Cherry Kisses and Paul Rhodes.  

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1. Hot Foot Woman
2. Fool For Her Eyes
3. Beatrice
4. Sundae Monday Blues
5. It Takes Time
6. Wolfman Rock
7. You Let My Love Run Dry
8. Drive All Night
9. Jailbird Josephine
10. Fakin' It
11. One Night Baby
12. Avalanche

Howlin' Pete Cormier: Piano, Guitar, Lead Vocals
Jason "Pedro" Lowe: Bass, Backup Vocals
Dillon Pates: Drums

Released May 3, 2018

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