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martes, 9 de octubre de 2018

Oregon • Roots in the Sky

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01. June Bug
02. Vessel
03. Sierra Leone
04. Ogden Road
05. House of Wax
06. Hungry Heart
07. Orrington's Escape
08. Roots in the Sky
09. Longing, so Long

Ralph Towner (Classical guitar, twelve-string guitar, piano, flugelhorn, percussion)
Paul McCandless (Oboe, English Horn, bass clarinet)
Glen Moore (Bass)
Collin Walcott (Percussion, sitar, tabla, guitar)


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4 comentarios:

  1. Thank you for this. Do you have a copy of their 1987 released titled, "The Essential Oregon?" I lost that in a flood many years ago and have not been able to replace it. I know it is a compilation of music I have on other Oregon releases, but I would still like to find it.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Sorry Mark, I don't have this.

  3. Thank you very much. This album was bundled with 'Out of the Woods' as a double CD release in the '90s.

    1. Well, I didn't know, in general I prefer albums in their original format. Enjoy the album and take care of yourself.