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miércoles, 17 de enero de 2018

4 Jacks • Deal With It

Editorial Reviews
Anson Funderburgh, Big Joe Maher, Kevin McKendree, Steve Mackey. There's hardly enough room here to list the accomplishments of these 4 artists, only that the whole is even better than the parts. I know that's a pretty big claim but the music on this disc is all the proof one needs. Its just what you would expect from these top shelf musicians whose song writing and playing skills has the authenticity that few players can produce while still sounding fresh and vital.

1 Deal With It 3:23
2 Have Ourselves A Time 2:11
3 I Don't Want To Be A President 4:06
4 She Ain't Worth A Dime 2:21
5 Love's Like That 3:27
6 Bobcat Woman 3:28
7 Your Turn To Cry 3:44
8 Thunder And Lightning 3:23
9 Texas Twister 2:39
10 Ansonmypants 4:05
11 Bad News Baby 5:36
12 Painkiller 2:37

Bass – Steve Mackey (3)
Drums – Big Joe Maher
Guest, Piano – Yates McKendree (tracks: 10)
Guest, Rhythm Guitar – Rob McNelley (tracks: 3, 8)
Guitar – Anson Funderburgh
Organ [B3] – Kevin McKendree
Piano – Kevin McKendree
Vocals – Big Joe Maher

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