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martes, 19 de junio de 2018

Bill Heid • Bop Rascal

Review by Michael G. Nastos:
For his second CD Heid asserts himself further as a composer of modern organ based music, a monstrous improvisor, and one who milks the Hammond B-3 sound for all it's worth. Detroit guitarist Perry Hughes and drummer Randy Gelespie round out this exciting trio, as they romp through ten of Heid's originals and the Wes Montgomery odd ditty, "Going On To Detroit." At his most frantic, Heid wails with wigged out madness. The bluesy hot bop title track with fleet and sweet guitar-organ unison, stinging single lines from Hughes, and tasteful trading of eights indicates only the beginning. The jumpy, frantic melody of the waltz "Bag Of Iku" leaps like a panther, punctuated by equally quick guitar chords. Most like Larry Young from an orchestral, expansive standpoint, the tribute to Grant Green "Grantacious" is guitar lead while Heid holds spacious, zen-like notes that drive deep and burn blue. Even a ballad like "Orange Chair" has Heid reaching for more notes, more empty space to fill in deeper pockets of resonant chamber granite. On the spookier side, the underground is lit up on the stealth "Phy Ops," Heid carrying a gargantuan flood light searching for hidden treasure with more unison melodies. There are some easier swingers "Homewood Morning" and "Rhythm Rascal," but he mostly goes for the jugglar, whether hitting bossa strides on the Wes tune and "Latin Larry," perhaps charbroiling the straight jingle bell blues groove biscuit "Duff's Doonk," or torching a mile square block with the blowing tune "Like Animal." As much as Heid is a great presence and the sound of his organ is rough hewn and nerve rattling, the way it should be, Hughes and Gelespie more than cover the spread, espcecially the unsung drummer (check some of your old Sonny Stitt Prestige sides.) The combination is irresistable, and provides many high points for this B-3-ist and his excellent combo. No doubt, they continue to crank 'em out.

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1 - Bop Rascal
2 - Grantacious
3 - Homewood Morning
4 - Latin Larry
5 - Bag Of Iku
6 - Duff's Doonk
7 - Orange Chair Ballad
8 - Phy-Ops
9 - Rhythm Rascal
10 - Like Animal
11 - Going On To Detroit

Randy Gelespie - Drums   
Bill Heid - Hammond B3   
George Heid - Tambourine (tracks 6)
Perry Hughes - Guitar   

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