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lunes, 30 de abril de 2018

Chicago Skinny • Keg O' Dynamite

Editorial Reviews
Keg O' Dynamite, the debut release by Chicago Skinny, demonstrates the up-and-coming band's taste, energy and distinctive sound. The all-original disc contains a dozen hard-drivin' blues tunes, played with gusto. Here's what Real Blues Magazine had to say about the effort:
Its hard to believe that this is a debut disc. The level of professionalism, talent and the song-writing especially is top-notch. they mustve played a heck of a lot of gigs to get this polished. loads of talent and a fresh sound.

About the Artist
Chicago Skinny is a four-piece blues band that takes traditional rhythms and gritty expressiveness and blends it with a diverse combination of instruments and voices.
So much for our dictionary definition.
Chicago Skinny is about original Big Fat Blues: two guitars (that don't fight each other), two voices (that harmonize), all flavors of harmonica (big 'n' crunchy, clean & pretty, honkin' like a train whistle), a rhythm section that chugs like a '59 Coupe de Ville, and occasionally some squeezebox to indulge your taste for Cajun spice.
With this kind of firepower, Chicago Skinny is able to produce a variety of blues sounds: grinding Chicago-style shuffles, West Coast swing and jump tunes, urban funk blues, Texas twang, and New Orleans second-line and zydeco. Chicago Skinny does smokin' versions of classic blues tunes, and the band has created its own "vintemporary" sound with original songs. The band uses fine vintage equipment and tones to drive songs with more contemporary subjects and grooves. BAND_MEMBERS: Steve Chapek: Guitar, Vocals Leo LaDell: Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar, Accordion Scott Johnson: Bass Paul Hildebrandt: Drums, Percussion

1 - Keg O' Dynamite
2 - Listen To Me
3 - Beater Car Boogie
4 - When You Say You Love
5 - Lip Service
6 - I Got A Job
7 - House of Blues
8 - Skipper's Song
9 - Work ¡s Overrated
10 - What A Shame
11 - Loafin'
12 - What Your Mama Feed You?

Release Date: August 1, 1998

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